Honors ePortfolios

The ePortfolio is a central component of your honors experience. The portfolio provides you with a place to reflect upon projects and assignments during all stages of the process, as well as a place to reflect on your growth as a student and individual during and beyond your coursework at Lane. Honors students are required to create and develop an ePortfolio during their tenure at Lane. Selecting assignments, creative work, and experiential learning to include in the portfolio helps you reflect on these artifacts and their relationship to your academic and life goals. Information about the courses you have taken and what you have learned through specific assignments provides an additional tier to your transcript when you apply to four-year schools. Information about and reflections on internships, volunteer work, and job experience expands the information available to prospective employers beyond a standard resume. Finally, including drafts or in-progress work in your portfolio along with reflection can present a more complete picture of your thinking and learning processes, important considerations for both perspective employers and schools.

ePortfolios and Electronic Identity

Having an ePortfolio seems counterintuitive for anyone who wants to maintain a limited web-presence. However, schools and employers are now using electronic identity as part of their vetting process. Type your name into the search box of your browser to find results that are somehow connected to you. The question is no longer whether or not you have an electronic identity; it has become what is your electronic identity. By creating and maintaining an ePortfolio, you have greater control over what your electronic identity will be. Consistent use of your ePortfolio will ensure that it is one of the top links in an Internet search of your name. Additionally, you have control over what is and is not included in your ePortfolio as well as what is available to the public and what is available only upon request. ePortfolios can work to your advantage.

Developing the ePortfolio

Building and growing your ePortfolio will continue throughout your honors program experiences. Students enrolled in the Success for Scholars Learning Community will create their portfolios. The Invitation to Inquiry Seminar continues this work by further developing the relationship between ePortfolios and critical thinking. This seminar will also provide basic instruction on how to create an ePortfolio for students who did not take the Success for Scholars Learning Community. Many of your honors classes will include class discussions of ePortfolios and assignments connected to using the ePortfolio. These conversations and assignments will increase your critical thinking abilities and assist you in growing your ePortfolio after graduation. You will also receive input and feedback to help you craft the best ePortfolios possible. In the Honors Capstone Seminar, the final programmatic assessment of the ePortfolios takes place.