Honors ePortfolios

The Purpose of an ePortfolio

An ePortfolio provides a place for you to gather together examples of your academic work and your experiences outside of the classroom. It also offers the opportunity to reflect upon your own learning process and your increasing profiency with Lane's Core Learning Outcomes:

  • Think Critically
  • Engage Diverse Values with Civic and Ethical Awareness
  • Create Ideas and Solutions
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Apply Learning

By uploading examples of projects and assignments; including information about internships, volunteer work, and job experience; and reflecting on the relationship between these elements, you are able to track your growth as a student, scholar, and individual. Additionally, you are conveying a more complete picture of yourself for prospective universities and employers than is possible with a standard transcript or resume.

ePortfolios are not required for program completion but are strongly encouraged.

Developing and Maintaining Your ePortfolio

You will have an opportunity to build your ePortfolio with the help of your instructors in the honors WR 121_H class as well as in workshops offered by the Honors Program.

Sample ePortfolios

Watch a short video of students discussing ePortfolios: