Public Health Education and Promotion Specialist

Public Health Education and Promotion Specialist AAS Degree Program!

NOTICE: As of June 14, 2018 this degree program is no longer offered.........

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(2 yr. Associate of Applied Science Degree Program)

This program will prepare individuals to assume roles as health education, promotion and wellness professionals in private business and industry, community organizations, and health care settings. Areas this may include are: personal health, community/global health and sustainability, nutrition, disease prevention, mental and intellectual health; fitness; human sexuality, drugs, society and behavior; occupational, holistic and environmental/ecological health; safety and emergency response; health navigation and health promotion, behavior change and intervention.

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Students in this program will be trained to become agents for positive health behavior change in the community. This program will provide students with experience, knowledge, and strategies to utilize and apply the skills needed to improve and promote personal and community health outcomes.

This program is designed to prepare students to enter the private and public workforce within the following fields: Health Education and Promotion Educators; Wellness Specialist; Public Health; advocate, planner, presenter and research assistant, Safety and Disease Prevention Specialist/Educator; Personal Health Coach-Navigator; Activity coordinator; Community Health Advocates and Workers; Personal Health Caregivers; Occupational and Environmental health Specialist/Educator; Mental/Social health advocates; Violence Prevention educators; and all employment opportunities that require the skills and understanding and promotion of behaviors that lead to individual and community-health.