Women in Transition Optional Linked Classes

Women in Transition

Other Classes for Women Only (Advanced WIT Classes)

(available after completing the Women in Transition core classes)

Life Transitions 2 (CG 207) 3 Credits
This course is designed to assist students in enhancing their ability to navigate life changes in powerful and positive ways, building on the skills and knowledge gained in the first Life Transitions course.

Topics include: responding successfully to changing personal and professional demands, strengthening resiliency and self-esteem, establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, and setting and attaining personal and academic goals. Class activities and assignments stress practical application of course information. Prerequisite: CG220.

Life Transitions 3 (CG 210) 3 Credits
This course is focused on the concept of “life as a relationship to everything.” It is designed to assist students in their capacity to identify the enduring components of healthy attachment and relational connections that actively contribute to their well-being and ability to successfully achieve their educational goals. Topics include: attachment theory, the effect of trauma on relational capacity, relationship mapping and the exploration of relational narratives, multicultural, gender and historical perspectives on relationships, looking beyond family and intimate partnerships in defining relationships and creation of positive relational attachments at Lane Community College.  Prerequisite: CG220.

Trauma Informed Learning (CG 199B) 3 Credits 
This course is focused on addressing the negative impact of trauma on students' capacity to successfully engage in the learning process in the college classroom. It is designed to assist WIT students in their ability to identify the components of past and current trauma, how trauma impacts learning, adaptive behaviors that can contribute to successful learning, effective relating with college faculty, staff and classmates, and development of a personalized plan for trauma-aware approaches to learning. Prerequisite: CG207 or CG210.

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Additional Class for Women Only

Strength Training for Women (PE 183U)   1 credit
Emphasis on resistance training using a variety of exercise modalities. Develop and assess strength, muscular size, muscle definition, toning and improve general physical condition.  Safe and proper technique, routines, programs, nutrition and stress management concepts will be addressed.