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Distinguished Alumni and Retirees

Lane Community College is glad to have played a part in your life, and proud that you are among our ranks. Stay connected, participate in, or volunteer to organize alumni or retiree groups to help you network with others in your field of study and to continue you education.

LCC Distinguished Alumni

At Lane Community College, we are proud of every student. The Distinguished Alumni Awards give us an opportunity to profile students who have gone on to make a difference in their communities, and who have remembered the college along the way. If you would like to update your information with us, please send an email to

Lane's Distinguished Alumni

LCC Retirees' Association News and Events

The mission of the LCC Retirees' Association is to advance, support and promote the interests of Lane Community College, its students and retirees. Retirees Stay Active in College! If you would like to sign up for newsletters or join the LCC Retirees' Association, please send an email to

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