Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

PAAWS therapy dog with studentsPAAWS therapy dog waiting for students to arriveDon't Stop Retrievin!

Take a break from mid-term studies and pet a pup!
Come meet the PAAWS therapy dogs!

Wednesday, May 22nd
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
outside at Bristow Square

Meet the PAAWS therapy dogs! Take a break with us! Mid-term studies can be rrrr-ruf! Come meet the PAAWS therapy dogs! Join us on Wednesday, May 22nd from           12:00 - 1:30 pm weather permitting outside at Bristow Square or rainy day will be held on the second floor of the Center Building. Pet a pup brought to you by PAAWS Pet Therapy. This is a great time to grab a scooby snack and visit with pups from PAAWS of Eugene a non-profit dedicated providing positive interactions with people and animals.

Hosted by First Year Experience and Success Coaches SuccessCoach@lanecc.edu, (541) 463-5771