Meet the Coaches

Meet your Success Coaches

photo of success coach Mitra

Meet Mitra!

My name is Mitra and I'm a Portland native but moved to Eugene in 2014 for my undergraduate studies at the University of Oregon. During my first 2 years at the University I was dual enrolled at Lane Community College and ran Cross Country and Track and Field for the Titans. Once my athletic career came to a close, I spent 7 months studying Global Health in Switzerland and Ghana where I earned academic credit towards my International Studies degree and African Studies and Music minors. Now I am back at Lane as a Success Coach for the First Year Experience. I, along with the First Year Experience team, want to help you reach your goals. No matter your questions or concerns, connect with us. We will show you the tools you need to untangle whatever challenges come your way.

Success Strategy: Steer clear of comparison. Everyone is different and has unique strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself and recognize what strategies work well for you; then either stick with them or make a change!

photo of success coach Scott

Meet Scott!

My name is Scott Chase. As a Student Success Coach, it is my desire to provide exceptional support to students in their first year of college. I love helping students create goals for a successful life. Over the last four years, I have worked in coaching and mentoring college students in all areas of their lives. I enjoy hiking, climbing mountains, drinking coffee, and spending time with my family.

Success Strategy: Start each day with a goal in mind. Think about how today is shaping your tomorrow. Ask yourself: are you becoming the person today that you want to be tomorrow?

photo of success coach EliottMeet Eliot!

My name is Eliot Treichel and this is my first year as a Student Success Coach. You can call me E.T. In addition to working as a Success Coach, I’m an adjunct instructor in the English Department at Lane. I’ve been teaching in the English Department since 2009. Beyond all this, I’m also an author. My last book received the Oregon Book Awards Reader’s Choice Award. My other interests include whitewater kayaking, trail running, cooking, watching the Packers, and hanging out with my dog.

Success Tip: Schedule a little time every day to review and add to your notes. Immediately after each class, if possible, write a short sentence that summarizes the main points of the lecture or that day’s class. It’ll help you consolidate what you learned and move it into your long-term memory. Then, at the start of your next class, take a few minutes to look over your notes and recall what you learned.

photo of success coach MaggieMeet Maggie!

My name is Maggie Mitteis and I’m originally from Central Nebraska. Before relocating to Eugene, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine where I taught English in a teacher-training college. In addition to working as a Success Coach, I also teach in LCC’s English as a Second Language program. When I’m not working with students, I enjoy running, hiking, biking, and walking around Eugene, knitting, and pie baking.

Success Tip: Ask questions. Set a goal to ask at least one question a day. It can be a question for your teacher, an academic advisor, or someone in your learning community. You’ll learn so much just by asking.

photo of success coach AmyMeet Amy!

My name is Amy Sanderson and this is my second year as a Success Coach at Lane Community College. I am also a part-time student at Portland State University where I'm pursuing a Master's of Social Work degree. My academic career started at North Idaho Community College in Coeur d'Alene where I studied theater, film and music. I went on to work in the film industry for over a decade and then taught media arts full-time at a high school in New Orleans. One of my favorite memories of that time was producing and coordinating student work for our annual film festival. I continue to collaborate on documentary films especially, recently helping to produce a feature on cultures of the Amazon river basin. Otherwise, I'm outside every chance I get to camp, explore or hike a new trail.

Success Tip: There are many different ways to get organized in college with demanding schedules, assignments, employment and life demands. Use something that works for you and if it is not working, try something else! Just be consistent about your method, whether a planner or calendar, so you develop the habit. In the evenings I make a to-do list on scratch paper or post-its before each day, putting items in their order of importance. I then take that list and find specific time blocks for each in my planner. The routine is actually calming, especially for those of us who feel overwhelmed or stressed out when having so much to do in our busy modern lives.