Lane Oregon Promise Meet the Coaches

Lane Oregon Promise

Meet the Coaches

Student Success Coaches, Lane Oregon Promise

Amy Sanderson

Hi there, my name is Amy Sanderson. As a new success coach, I am excited to join Lane Community College alongside the premiere of the first Oregon Promise students. I truly hope you have an exciting, transformative and memorable experience here at Lane. My time enrolled in a community college became one of my most positive and enjoyable life experiences I’ve ever had. After majoring in music and theater at North Idaho Community College in Coeur d’Alene, my hometown, I transferred to the University of Idaho and completed a B.A. in Communications. I went on to complete an MFA in Film Production at the University of New Orleans. After graduation, I worked in the movie industry for over a decade and taught media arts at a charter high school in New Orleans.  Now a resident of Eugene, I can support my passion for filmmaking and mentoring with a love of the great outdoors. It is my mission to help other students and individuals fulfill their unique academic, career and life journeys.