Jen Sacklin

Success Coach


Building 1, Room 103


(541) 463-5771

My name is Jen. I grew up in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (yes, there were wolves in my backyard!), and I moved to Oregon to go to college. I have a BA in Spanish from Linfield College and an MA TESOL from Portland State University. I've taught English as a Second Language and Adult Basic & Secondary Education in Portland and Eugene. I started teaching here at LCC in Fall of 2017 and I started as a Success Coach Fall 2019!

Success Tips: you're gonna get two success tips from me today: 1) Time Management. Figure out what works for you—Google Calendar is my best friend, but some people need a physical planner or daytimer. 2) Self-Care, Y'all. Self-care doesn't necessarily mean bubble baths and massages (although those can be awesome). Self-care is taking care of all aspects of yourself-mental, physical, spiritual, professional, social, sexual, etc. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to give 100% to school, because then you will have 0% to give to yourself. Figure out balance in your work/school/home/self life, and then come back and tell me how you did it, because we could all get better at this.