Glenda Izumi

Success Coach


Building 1, Room 103


(541) 463-5771

photo of Glenda IzumiHi Everyone! My name is Glenda and I must say, I'm super excited to be here at Lane as one of your Success Coaches! I have worked with adult college students here at Lane as well as community colleges and adult schools throughout Southern California my whole career (decades, really!), and I am always energized and inspired to support you towards achieving your academic goals!

Success tip: Have at least a rough game plan in mind to help motivate you towards reaching you goals. BUT, stay focused on the present and try to be realistic. Know that when you encounter barriers, things will eventually change if you stay positive, focused, engaged with those around you, and have stick-to-itness! Finally, never be afraid to ask for help! Success can not be achieved in isolation!