Lane Oregone Promise Frequently Asked Questions

Lane Oregon Promise

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have specific questions regarding eligibility, funding and the Oregon Promise grant, read through the State of Oregon, Oregon Promise Q and A.

Below are basic answers to Lane Community College’s implementation of Oregon Promise.

What is Oregon Promise?
From OSAC’s Oregon Promise page: “The purpose of the Oregon Promise Grant is to encourage Oregon residents who are graduating high school students and recent GED graduates to immediately continue their education by providing funding to attend community college in Oregon.”

What are the eligibility requirements for Oregon Promise?
Please visit the Oregon Student Aid, Oregon Promise site for the most up-to-date eligibility requirements for Oregon Promise.

How much money will I be awarded from Oregon Promise?
Oregon Promise is there to help students fill in the gaps in your financial aid. As such, every student’s award may be different. If you have questions about the award you’re receiving, contact OSAC.

Awards are prorated for students attending Lane less than full time (fewer than 12 credits per term). You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits a term to receive the award.

How do I receive my Oregon Promise award at Lane?
In order to receive the Oregon Promise grant at Lane, there are some things you need to complete through Financial Aid before you are able to receive those funds:

  • Fill out everything that Financial Aid requires and make sure all your info is added and correct.
  • Make sure you have completed your FAFSA or ORSAA, and have chosen Lane as your college specifically.
  • Make sure that Financial Aid has your social security number. Check that your SSN given to Lane matches the SSN you put on your FAFSA or ORSAA.
  • Check your MyLane, MyFinances tab REGULARLY. Your MyFinances tab shows you almost everything you need to know regarding paying for Lane, like: your account balances, your award information, and if you have any holds on your account that are preventing you from receiving your financial aid.
  • If you have questions about your account or your awards, ASK! Financial Aid is in Building 1 on the main campus, and their office hours are listed on the Lane website.

There may still be more to do in order to receive your Oregon Promise award and other financial aid, and when it comes to money, it is never safe to assume anything. Keep track of the aid you’re receiving, the things you need to do to keep it, and your financial aid account at Lane. The more you stay on top of your financial aid, the less you will have to stress about earning your degree.

How many credits do I need to take to receive Oregon Promise? 
A student needs to be enrolled in at least 6 credits to keep their Oregon Promise grant. Awards will be prorated for students attending Lane less than full time (fewer than 12 credits per term). 

Keep in mind that if you are receiving other aid and scholarships the minimum credits needed to keep them may be different than Oregon Promise’s requirements.

What programs at Lane are eligible for Oregon Promise & Financial Aid?
Lane Community College’s Financial Aid creates a handy guide that is on their forms page regarding Financial Aid Eligible Programs for the each academic year. All of Lane’s transfer degrees and associates degrees (AAOT, ASOT-Business, ASOT-Computer Science, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Science, etc) are financial aid eligible. 

Make sure the program you’re interested in is financial aid eligible by talking to one of the programs’ advisors. They will be able to tell you the most up to date information regarding your program, and they may be able to give you other options if that program isn’t eligible.

What does the total number college credits of 90 credit limit include?
This is a limit on the total number of college credits you have attempted. Once you have attempted a total of 90 college credits, you are no longer eligible for Oregon Promise. Follow the link for video and details on the Oregon Student Aid, Oregon Promise website.

What support for Oregon Promise does Lane provide? 
Oregon Promise students at Lane have the distinct privilege of having “Success Coaches” to help guide them through their time at Lane. The Lane Oregon Promise team provides a “First Year Experience” for all Oregon Promise students, as well as daily office hours, events and Tuesday Table Talks (a weekly table in the food court aimed at providing students with different important info every week). 

The Lane Oregon Promise team is located in building 19, room 247 on the main LCC campus.

What is a Success Coach?
A Success Coach is a trained, enthusiastic and engaging individual who works with Oregon Promise students directly with whatever they may need. Success Coaches are there to help the Oregon Promise students at Lane navigate their first year in college.

Success Coaches do not provide academic advising, financial aid specific answers or crisis support, instead they work with students directly with individualized support to help them achieve their financial, career and academic goals. When students bring questions or challenges that are outside of the scope of their expertise as coaches, they serve as conduits providing students with referrals to the right people on campus.

Success Coaches are available Monday -Thursday 9-5 and Friday 9-3 in their office on the main LCC campus in building 19, room 247. You can also reach them by email, phone or text. The Success Coach office always has free tea and snacks for students during office hours!

What is the First Year Experience? 
The First Year Experience is a comprehensive and engaging compilation of activities that differ term to term. All activities in the First Year Experience center on academic, career and financial success, as well as getting students acquainted with the way Lane Community College works. The activities are designed to be informative, thoughtful and forward-thinking, so that students can use them to better understand their personal academic, career and financial goals. 

The OSAC website for Oregon Promise states that the First Year Experience as defined by Lane is an eligibility requirement for receiving the Oregon Promise grant.

How can I get in contact with Lane Oregon Promise? 
You can email your Lane Oregon Promise team at or call us at (541) 463 5771. The Success Coaches are located in on the main campus of LCC in building 19, room 247, and their office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9-5 and Friday from 9-3. Also see our contact page.

We also have a texting service where students can text us directly with any questions they may have. If you are not receiving our texts and would like to, come by our office, call or email us and we will add you to the list!