Mentor / Mentor Resources

Mentor Expectations and Qualities

Qualities of a good mentor - active in college-wide leadership, someone who is enthusiastic about their job at LCC, active listener, good teacher, enjoys being helpful, good relations with colleagues, interest in keeping Lane strong after they leave, interest in learning from partner as well as guiding them, warm, friendly

Mentor Expectations

  • Communicate positive opportunities at Lane.
  • Schedule regular meetings on a frequent and consistent basis.
  • Provide a confidential and respectful environment.
  • Help connect a newcomer to the wider LCC and local community.
  • Review together the online "New Faculty Information".
  • Explain how things are structured at Lane.
  • Share your strengths, develop other areas.
  • Offer support during difficult situations like the heavy workload.
  • Encourage growth.
  • Meet your partner at lunch during the September kick off event.
  • Meet your partner in October to discuss the goals and things in common.
  • Join your partner at campus wide events and workshops.
  • Arrange walking tours together.
  • Support partner's request for the criteria used to determine their level and step assignment and advise on the collection of materials for advancement.
  • Discuss issues surrounding teaching, such as non-lecture strategies, classroom management, problem-solving, assessment, first day activities, ice breakers
  • Help to evaluate Faculty Connections, which includes estimating the hours spent so the committee can have a sense of the time commitment required.
  • Each partner complete the stipend request form in a timely manner.

Liz Coleman, Coordinator of Faculty Connections
Tutoring Services
Lane Community College
4000 East 30th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97505
Phone: (541) 463-5783