Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faculty Connections?

  1. Faculty led orientation, and mentorship program that provides ongoing professional development and connects faculty for an entire year.
  2. Greater integration into the teaching and learning environment at LCC.
  3. Engagement among faculty who seek to share expertise in college systems and teaching/learning pedagogy.
  4. A benefit, negotiated by our union.

Who is eligible? What are the roles?

  1. Mentee - Any faculty who has joined the college (in a faculty role) within the past 5 years and not yet participated in Faculty Connections with a mentor. (Stipend)
  2. Mentor - Any faculty who has been teaching at Lane more than three (3) years, is engaged with college activities, and wants to assist a new faculty member on an ongoing basis for the entire academic year. (Stipend)
  3. Participant – Any faculty member who would like the connection and ongoing professional development.

Can I attend more than once?

  • Yes. New (within 5 years) faculty can attend once as a "mentee" with the stipend. Faculty can continue as a “participant” as many times as you like – without the stipend - or as a Mentor after you have taught for at least three (3) full years.

Program Details:

  1. Begins with a one-day seminar held prior to college Inservice. This year it will be held in the Longhouse (Building 31) on September 18, 2018 from 9am - 4pm with the opportunity to visit the Fitness Center, Academic Technology Center or Human Resources until 5:00. Stipends ($150 for the full day) are paid for attending since we are not officially on contracted teaching time yet. Breakfast and lunch will be served.
    • Seminar content is delivered with minimal lecture, offering examples of engaged teaching techniques and activities you can adapt for your classroom.
    • Practicing Blooms Taxonomy, explore and navigate college systems.
    • Create an informative syllabus that combines your philosophy and clear expectations of students while articulating Lane’s Core Values and assessment expectations.
    • Listen to the student experience from a panel of students
    • Explore strategies to handle disruptive classroom behavior respectfully
    • Build relationships with faculty across all academic disciplines.
    • Have fun!
  2. The Mentorship program matches new and experienced faculty (often from different departments.) Initial meetings take place during lunch at the fall seminar. Continue meeting monthly (or more) providing support to new faculty for a greater understanding of college systems and resources. Examples of activities may include; human resource needs, contract negotiations, campus tours, attendance at college events, professional development activities, the Fitness Center, observing each other's classes, discussing classroom issues and many more. Members of each pair determine the activities. We seek mentors who are widely involved in the college for maximum assistance to new faculty.

    These meetings continue for the entire academic year. Both the mentor and mentee receive a $300 stipend in the spring after at least 6 meetings since time spent together is expected to fall outside of regularly paid time. (This stipend is in addition to the seminar stipend.)
  3. Continued Engagement continues throughout the year:
    1. Professional development roundtable offerings - 1 per term.
    2. Lunch or dinner in a local restaurant. 1 per term. Families are welcome at the spring dinner.
    3. Invitations to other faculty professional development offerings.
    4. Moodle shell is active for ongoing discussions, sharing of resources, and an opportunity to experience Moodle from the student side.

Why should I join?

  • 100% of faculty who have participated last year said they had FUN! 94% felt more integrated into LCC’s culture
  • 82% learned several teaching strategies (More than 18% had also attended in previous years)

How do I sign up?


Questions? Please ask me. More specific details will be sent to those who register. I hope to see you in the fall.

Sincerely, Liz Coleman
Faculty Connections Coordinator & Tutoring Services Coordinator
(541) 463-5783