Space Assignment Process

Space Assignment Process Overview


Space is a valuable commodity that the college must utilize in an efficient and effective way. All space is owned and controlled by the college. Space is assigned according to its highest and best use from the perspective of the college as a whole. An approved assignment of space must be obtained before any change in the use of a space can occur. The space assignment process, its reports and forms are included on this website.

The process outlined herein is subject to change as required by experience. It should be thought of as a work in progress.


The adoption of a Governance System and the decision that the primary role of the Facilities Management and Planning Department (FMP) shall be to perform operational and maintenance duties has influenced the process by which college space is assigned, remodeled or added. The space assignment process is guided by Administrative Directives, policies and criteria established by the Facilities, Learning, Student Affairs and Technology Councils and good planning practices that assure the health, safety and welfare of the occupants.

While FMP will manage all construction projects reduced funds and personnel mean that FMP will no longer use its own forces to build large scale remodels or new major additions. Private architectural and/or construction firms will be solicited for those projects. FMP will provide space planning, minor architectural design and construction services for small projects. The college planner in the Facilities Management & Planning Department has the primary responsibility of facilitating the space assignment process and making recommendations.

Process highlights

  1. All requests to change the use of a space or to remodel or to add space must be initiated by completing a Space Request Form and submitting it to the college planner.
  2. All requests must be approved by the Unit's manager and vetted by the VP or AVP to whom the Unit reports.
  3. Requests will be processed in batches. Each batch will include all requests submitted by the batch deadline. There are two batch deadlines each year – December 1 and April 1. Emergency requests will be considered at any time.
  4. All requests will fall into one of three categories according to their complexity and whether construction is involved.
  5. The Space Implementation Advisory Team (SIAT) has been formed to review and comment on the planner's recommendations. Requestors will be invited to attend and make presentations at SIAT meetings.
  6. The Executive Team will make the final decision on the planner's recommendations.
  7. The status of each request will be posted to this Web site.