Facilities Planning Office Services


Facilities Planning Team

The Facilities Planning Team (FPT) is a small group who assists the director in setting guidelines for the work done by the Facilities Management & Planning Department. The Team is composed of the College Planner (Facilitator), the College Architect, the Trades Coordinator, the Construction Specialist, the Project Specialist II, the Lead Electrician, the Sustainability Coordinator, the Energy Analyst and the Administrative Specialist. The Team meets to conduct its business on the first and third Monday of each month from 11-12 in 7/201 and the public is invited to attend. Brief statements from the public may be made at Team meetings however; anyone wanting the Team to consider some facilities related issue must present a brief written summary of the issue to the Team Facilitator at least two weeks before it is to be discussed.

More specifically, the Team is responsible for making recommendations on a wide variety of tasks including assigning and scheduling the work done by FM&P, preparing and up dating the facility Design & Construction Guidelines, and processing requests for remodeling space and changes in the use of space.

Hassman, Carl
Hayward, Jennifer
McMurray, Brian
Mention, Robert
Naik, Jyoti
Pierson, Russ
Scott, Anna
Sims, Mike
Smith, Todd


Technical assistance is provided for a variety of complex projects, including structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. Staff have expertise and special knowledge of campus facilities to plan effective and efficient projects.


Numerous services are provided including space planning, design, and project coordination. Plans and specifications are developed to address departmental and college needs; comply with codes and regulations; acquire equipment and materials; and guide construction.


After design is completed, arrangements are made for construction. Coordination is provided between the Facilities Management & Planning' trades personnel, outside contractors, and the requesting department.


Routine inspections of campus buildings, grounds, and utilities are performed to identify and initiate correcting safety, structural, and maintenance deficiencies. Electronic work requests are initiated for needed repairs in order to ensure a safe and supportive environment for the LCC community.