Megamation Quick Reference

Megamation: Quick Reference

Issues with Megamation? Please, try the following:

Website Access Issues

  • If you are unable to get to the website, use this link: Megamation
  • Did the link above work? Right click on the link above and "Save Target" as a shortcut on your desktop to make it easy next time.
  • If the link didn't work, be sure you are able to navigate to other external websites on your computer, then try again. Still nothing? Call Megamation support at (800) 344-8655 and dial Extension 1. Support hours are 12:00 Midnight to 6:00 PM PDT Monday to Friday and 3:00am to 3:00pm PDT Saturday and Sunday.

User Name/Password Issues

  • If you have not registered as an authorized user, new users may register by submitting the Megamation registration form. Registration requires manual set up, so it may take up to two days for a successful login.
  • Your username is your L number and it should begin with the letter L.
  • Your password is whatever you reported on the registration form. If you are unable to remember your password, you may send an email to Russ Pierson at and he'll email you back with your password. Please type "Megamation Password" in the subject line of your email.
    • Please Note: If the password you created and submitted with the registration form was less than six characters, the system adds an "x" for each missing character up to six. (Example: If my password was 12345, the system automatically changed it to 12345x, adding an x to make six characters. If it was ABCD, it is now ABCDxx).

No System E-mails

  • If you created a work order and emailed it to yourself, but you never received it, it is probably being caught by the College's spam filter. You can log in to the Digitar portal, find the email, and then "whitelist" it so it doesn't happen again. The username and password for Digitar is your GroupWise info, not Megamation.