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March 28, 2013


September 10, 2012


May 15, 2012


If you know someone looking for part-time work this summer, Facilities is hiring! See the job listings provided by HR or apply online. Current openings include positions for a painter, groundskeeper, temporary electricians and temporary maintenance helper. Contact: Russ Pierson, 5727.

May 8, 2012


The Sustainable Endowments Institute has recognized Lane Community College as a leader in green financing for our commitment to funding energy conservation and renewable energy through utility carryover, bond, and deferred maintenance funding.

Lane's Sustainability Office has accepted an invitation to attend the inaugural summit "Financing the Future of Energy Efficiency" at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 15. This one-day gathering will bring together, by invitation only, national leaders in sustainability and finance with presidents, trustees, and senior officials in finance, facilities and sustainability at colleges, universities, foundations and other nonprofit institutions. The Summit's theme is Transforming Energy Efficiency Upgrades from Expenses to High Return Investments; the focus is on higher education institutions as pivotal points to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to demonstrate the groundbreaking budget benefits of green revolving funds. The metrics recently compiled are impressive: A median annual return on investment of 32 percent for green revolving funds was documented by Greening the Bottom Line , a report published by the Sustainable Endowments Institute in 2011. A bright spot in a rocky economy, these profitable investments are lowering operating costs and carbon footprints on campus, while helping create green jobs in surrounding communities. Organized by The Billion Dollar Green Challenge and the Sustainable Endowments Institute (a special project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors), the Summit is co-hosted by Heather Henriksen, Director of the Office for Sustainability at Harvard University, and Mitch Thomashow, President Emeritus of Unity College and Director of the Presidential Fellows program at Second Nature. Anna E. Scott, Energy Analyst, will represent Lane Community College. Kudos to all of those who have supported funding for energy conservation and helped to make our projects a reality. It is exciting that Lane is again recognized as a national leader in sustainability!

May 1, 2012


MegaMation, the new CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is now live and receiving work orders from all Lane campuses. Many questions have been received from the users, and several great ideas have been submitted to FMP. Beginning Monday, work orders stored in MPulse will be moved to the new MegaMation system. Each work order transferred to the new system needs to be entered manually, then assigned, so it is expected this process will take some time to complete. But, thanks to the help of the divisions and FMP trades staff, 500 open work orders in the old management system were closed. With MegaMation, FMP staff can now access all work orders submitted at any time, they can see where and to who each work request order is assigned, they can enter update information and status of an existing order, and can check for new assignments. Having the ability to access and use these new tools in MegaMation, helps FMP create a better organized process and more efficient work schedules.


The trades are working hard to complete priority and safety-related work orders as well as closing work orders still in the system. In addition maintenance tasks, trades staff are adjusting to a new routine, are learning a new computer program and technology skills less familiar to some, while FMP transitions the campus into this new paperless maintenance management system.  In the process, orders may be cancelled unintentionally. If you believe your work order has been canceled, and the work has not been completed, please submit a new work request through the MegaMation website.: As a reminder, it is important that you do not contact the trade staff directly to request work to be completed. With the amount of work orders currently back-logged, tasks could take longer than anticipated. The best tracking system available to track your work order request progress is through the website, as demonstrated at the MegaMation program training offered. Contact Mark Richardson, 3456.

April 17, 2012


Megamation is here and it is live! If you enter work requests for your department and haven't yet received training, please e-mail Russ Piersonat piersonr@lanecc.edu to schedule a session soon. If you have already received training, but need a quick reminder on some of the details, please refer to the work request page This software will help FMP provide higher quality service with faster response times for work requests through productivity gains and more efficient planning of activities by priority and area on campus. Contact Russ Pierson at 5727, Mark Richardson at 3456, or Dave Willis at 5566.

April 10, 2012


Heath Pierce has accepted an offer for the position of Interim Custodial Services Manager for the second shift custodial team. Heath will be starting April 16. He has over 20 years in leadership positions, guiding, coaching, and motivating diverse teams to achieve results. Many thanks to the following hiring committee members for your hard work in getting us to this point: Marie Sagaberd (Custodian), Kevin Hager (Custodian), Ruby Woodworth, LynnMarie Chowdhury, Dennis Carr (non-scoring), David Willis (non-scoring), Todd Smith, Russ Pierson, Brian McMurray. Special thanks to President Spilde for her support. Contact: Dave Willis.


Students or staff taking a credit class on main campus or at the DTC and who pay the transportation fee are eligible for an LCC bus pass good for the entire term. Stickers for spring term are available beginning today, April 10 at the Titan Store return window or at the Downtown Center. See LTD.org for more transportation options. Also, be sure to join Lane's ride-sharing community. Contact: Russ Pierson, 5727.


Megamation is here! If you enter work requests for your department, you should already be signed up for a training session some time this week (or next Monday) between April 11-16. We will plan a make-up session to be announced later if you are out of the office at the available times. This software will help FMP provide higher quality service with faster response times for work requests through productivity gains and more efficient planning of activities by priority and area on campus. Contact: Russ Pierson at 5727, Mark Richardson at 3456, or Dave Willis at 5566.

April 3, 2012


Russ Pierson, Mark Richardson and Dave Willis continue to plan full implementation of the Megamation (Computerized Maintenance Management Software), with user training set for April 11-16. If you enter work requests for your department and haven't yet signed up for training, please see your manager, dean or director as soon as possible for the specifics on how to become an authorized user (detailed instructions sent by email on 3/29).  Training sessions are open April 11-16 on a first-come, first-served basis with registration through the end of the day today, Tuesday, April 3. We will plan a make-up session to be announced later if you are out of the office at the available times. This software will help FMP provide higher quality service with faster response times for work requests through productivity gains and more efficient planning of activities by priority and area on campus. Contact: Russ Pierson at 5727, Mark Richardson at 3457, and Dave Willis at 5566.


Students or staff taking a credit class on main campus or at the Downtown Center and who pay the transportation fee are eligible for an LCC bus pass good for the entire term. Photos for bus pass ID cards take place in Building 19, Room 117, through Wednesday, April 4 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Stickers for spring term will be available beginning April 10 at the Titan Store return window or at the Downtown Center. See the transportation page for more transportation options. Also, be sure to join Lane's ride-sharing community, Zimride. Contact: Russ Pierson, 5727.


The custodial team completed three team training sessions during spring break. Since the cleaning work loads are typically lower during spring break, this is an ideal time for the custodial team to conduct training and learning opportunities. These hands-on training sessions included a four-hour training provided by CoastWide Laboratories and Windsor Equipment on proper floor care procedures and processes, equipment use and maintenance, and tips and techniques regarding floor care best practices. Dave Willis recorded the training so that it can be used in future training sessions. A full team safety training session regarding accident prevention, floor care safety practices, and proper sanitization and disinfecting practices was also provided by Dave Willis on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the custodial team completed a 3-1/2 hour training on siversity with instructor Carla Gary, facilitated by Donna Koechig. These training sessions help the custodial team provide safer and more effective cleaning services to the college.

On Monday, April 2, the custodial team celebrated 52 days without a lost time safety incident or accident by having a pizza dinner party. Congratulations to the entire custodial team for working so hard to come up with better ways to use equipment, tools, and chemicals to avoid accidents and incidents. Great work. Continue to forward all cleaning concerns that need manager level attention to Dave Willis. Contact: David L. Willis, 5566. 

March 27, 2012


Wow! The custodial team set a new record, reaching 52 days without a safety lost-time injury/accident and smashing the old 29-day record. Unfortunately, there was one accident last week so we are now starting over with the counting. Our goal is to reach 100 days without a safety lost-time injury/accident. The hiring process for the Interim Custodial Manager position continues. This position should be filled sometime in April. Contact: David L. Willis, 5566.


Russ Pierson, Mark Richardson and Dave Willis continue to plan the implementation of the Megamation (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) which is now scheduled for mid-April. Training opportunities will soon be emailed to those that have requested this training as designated representative administrative support personnel for their associated departments. This software will help FMP provide higher quality and faster response services for work requests through productivity gains and more efficient planning of activities by priority and area on campus. The number of outstanding open work orders has dropped from 1122 to 737 in preparation for the data base transfers. Contact: Russ Pierson at 5727, Mark Richardson at 3457, and Dave Willis at 5566.


It had been more than 100 years, dating back to at least 1912, since the Eugene area experienced as much spring season snow as it did on Wednesday, March 21 and Thursday, March 22. Main campus had between 5 and 7 inches of snow from this storm. Campus closed Wednesday, March 21 due to the heavy snow that made both travel in the Eugene area and walking around the campus difficult at best. Campus opened back up on Thursday but with an additional 1 to 2 inches of heavy wet snow, it was a challenge for everyone. Many thanks to Frank Drengacz and the Grounds Team for their exemplary work in removing the snow and slush from 2 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 22. Most of the campus walkways were cleared up by 9 a.m. The parking lots took most of the day to melt off and clear out. Many thanks also to Dennis Carr who led the effort to send out communications on the LaneAlert system regarding campus open/closed conditions and hazards that were present. The Public Safety staff also did a wonderful job monitoring campus conditions, reporting damage, locking up the access gates, and posting "campus closed" signs on Wednesday. This was the third week in a row with snow on the ground in the Eugene area. This storm was unique in that more snow fell in Eugene than in areas north or south on the I-5 corridor.

The Wildish building and the old Downtown building both experienced roof leaks and some internal damage. Mark Richardson worked to 1:30 a.m. opening up roof drains and responding to issues at these two buildings. Kevin Williams repaired the fire alarm smoke detectors that were damaged by leaking roofs. Belfour Construction was called in to remove snow and slush build up, make roof repairs, and make interior ceiling repairs. Again, great work by the FMP teams. Contact: Dave Willis, ext. 5566

March 20, 2012


The Custodial Team is working more safely, applying personal protective equipment when needed, and making a strong commitment to better work practices. This has translated into 50 days without a lost time injury or safety incident. The old record was 29 days. This is simply outstanding. Way to go, Team! Contact: Dave Willis.


Due to high winds and five inches of heavy wet snow, six to eight trees were damaged on Monday, March 12 at the Florence campus requiring the main campus grounds team to visit Florence on Tuesday, March 20 to perform clean-up operations. This is the latest in a series of late winter storms. The new roof and siding on the Florence campus buildings all performed well and without any damage. Several large tree branches were also broken and on the ground at the Siltcoos Station and will also require clean-up operations. Frank Drengacz and the Grounds Team will conduct clean-up operations, supporting Dino Raviolo and the Florence staff. Other than a few tree branches at the main campus, no significant damage occurred at the main college campus. Contact: Dave Willis.

March 13, 2012


The hiring process for the Interim Custodial Services Manager position continues with open forums held on Wednesday, March 14, and Wednesday, March 21 at 4:15 p.m. and 5 p.m. in building 10, room 108. All college employees are invited to attend. If you have questions, contact Ruby Woodworth at 5112 or David Willis at 5566. If this schedule changes, updates will be emailed. Questions at the forums will be focused on the essential duties listed in the position posting. Contact Dave Willis, 5566.

February 28, 2012


Facilities Management and Planning understands the importance of a comfortable work and study environment and want to work with everyone to save energy and maintain comfort. With the change of season upon us, this is an appropriate time to remind everyone of the indoor temperature guidelines, adopted in 2006, as part of the energy policy, and in an effort to balance a comfortable learning and working environment with energy conservation. We recognize that comfort varies for individuals and have developed indoor temperature guidelines based on scientific studies to create comfortable conditions for the greatest number of students and staff.

Warm Weather Month Guidelines: 74 to 77 degrees F

Cool Weather Month Guidelines: 68 to 73 degrees F

Ancillary Space (Hallways, Lobbies, Stairwells):  63 to 82 degrees F


  • During transition months, such as October and April, guideline ranges expand to 68 to 77. These expanded ranges also apply during extreme weather conditions and periods of high electric demand.
  • Guidelines are applied during normal business hours.
  • Staff and students are encouraged to wear clothing that can be adjusted to maintain personal comfort.

If you feel that temperatures are too high, (higher than 78 degrees F), or too cool, (lower than 68 degrees F), in your area please contact Facilities Management and Planning at 5000 or email at facilitiesoffice@lanecc.edu Contact Dave Willis, 5566.

February 14, 2012


We are working to improve our service to the campus and plan to roll-out a superior work request system spring term. Stay tuned for training date announcements, coming in March. In the mean time, we hope to minimize data entry as we transition to the new system, so we are closing and/or canceling many work orders, with the following points in mind:

  • Any proposed changes to building design have to go through our planning process.
  • Facilities Management and Planning has no funding for anything other than Priority One Safety/IEQ/Regulatory Compliance/Functional Infrastructure Repairs through FY12.
  • As mentioned, we are moving to a new work order system spring term which will help us improve communication, scheduling work, and efficiency of our services.
  • Major requests that include new walls, renovating interior spaces, new flooring, etc., and which need to be scheduled for summer project work, should still be requested as a work request in MPulse by February 15. In most cases, due to limited budgetary resources, the costs will need to be charged to your department FOAP number. All grant improvements that require FMP staff resources are to be included in the request. FMP Leadership is working directly with Academic and Student Affairs Leadership to verify that our priorities continue to be aligned with the overall instructional mission of the college.
  • If you have full department funding for your work request (including possible additional labor costs), please submit a new work order request with a FOAP to charge. Otherwise, please help us in this transition from one system to another and wait to resubmit any canceled work orders until June 2012 for consideration in FY13. For further information, contact Mark Richardson (3456), Russ Pierson (5727), or Dave Willis (5566).



Two IEQ projects are requiring extra time; therefore, fewer than anticipated work orders will be completed this week. Two high-priority projects will be the primary focus next week which include addressing the access control issues that exist in some buildings, and installing needed hand rails in the Center building.


The Painter's focus for the week will be managing IEQ issues in two buildings, and repainting numerous custodial supply closets. Planning and preparations continue for projects that will be completed this summer. The painting summer project list keeps growing and includes work that was left over from last year.


The Electricians have several work orders that concern lighting issues in various classrooms. The crews will be working towards repairing or replacing bulbs or fixtures wherever necessary. FMP Electricians play an active role in repairing access control issues that occur on campus. This week, research and troubleshooting will be performed to attempt to identify the cause for a number of repeating failures we are encountering with some doors.


FMP HVAC technicians are responding to an increased level of temperature control issues in several buildings. Outside assistance has been brought in to help resolve fluctuating temperature reported in the Center building. The number of reports submitted prompted HVAC staff to focus their attention on isolated areas that narrowed the search down to two buildings. Contact Mark Richardson, 3456.

January 24, 2012


The heavy rain and strong winds gusting over 80 mph from last week's storm caused five trees to be blown down at the Florence campus. The site drainage improvements installed at the Siltcoos Station by Frank Drengacz and the landscape grounds team served the college well during this past week. Mark Richardson and a team of trades staff will visit Florence to do a thorough inspection of the campus facilities. The main campus and other campus facilities have experienced some roof leaks but appear not to have suffered much damage. The FMP trades staff provided campus sweeps each day during the storm to assure the tunnel sump pumps were all working. The storm water drains were draining, and the waste water treatment lagoons did not overflow. Great work FMP! Submitted by Dave Willis, 5566.


FMP staff is now planning for summer projects. If you have a project that you need designed and planned, submit it now on a work order. Due to budgetary constraints, projects submitted later will receive less consideration. All projects with total costs exceeding $25,000 must be received no later than March 15. Contact: Dave Willis, 5566.


Please join FMP in welcoming Jyoti Naik as the new campus architect. Jyoti will be leading the future Wayfinding Committee discussions for improvements, leading the effort to provide space assignments in a timely fashion and per the new space assignment policy, participating in the campus safety and ADA committees, closing old building permits with the county, providing code reviews for larger projects, and potentially participating in master planning and overall facilities planning work. Jyoti will also have specific project assignment work. We in FMP are excited to have Jyoti Naik join Lane. She has many credentials which include being a licensed architect, building official, LEED AP, and a variety of design and project management experience in higher education. Welcome, Jyoti! Contact: Dave Willis, 5566.


Due to budgetary constraints, only urgently needed top priority safety and regulatory compliance items will be worked on through June 30. If you have a funding source, include the FOAP number on the work order and it will be prioritized higher. During the late fall, winter, and spring, the number of backlogged work orders increase due to lack of trades teams staffing. FMP will plan to hire seasonal temporary staff to complete many of them during the summer months when there is more access to the campus spaces. Contact: Dave Willis, 5566.


Until further notice, all custodial issues that need management support shall be referred to Dave Willis. On-call custodians are being hired and trained. If you know of someone that would like to interview for this on-call custodian position, please refer them to the college employment web site to fill out an application. Contact: Dave Willis, 5566.


Now into January, all temporary staff members have been laid off for the winter. Each one of the FMP departments is working with limited staff and reduced funding. Work orders are being completed as time allows but most of the focus is on safety or emergency-related items. To make sure the work order process is effective, make sure a request is submitted on the website and avoid contacting the trade departments directly.

FMP has started the process of implementing a new CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that is expected to replace the current MPluse maintenance system. Staff has spent months gathering information to enter into the new maintenance system. Around March 1, work requests submitted online will be processed through the new system. Training and technical support will also be available at this time. Contact Mark Richardson, 3456.

January 10, 2012


The removal of the allergenic London Plane trees on Parnell Loop during the winter break was a success. The trees were removed as anticipated on a day with very little disruption. They will be replaced with nonallergenic species within the year. The elevator installation at KLCC downtown will be completed sometime this week. The contractor started the work December 27 and nearly completed the task in just two weeks. Contact Mark Richardson, 3456.


When snow and ice accumulate on main campus, warning signs are posted at entrances, and FMP's winter weather response crews promptly begin ice and snow treatment, often beginning as early as 1:30 a.m., shoveling walkways and spreading de-icing pellets and spray foam on sidewalks and campus roadways. Snow is plowed through the main south parking lots and traffic lanes connecting Eldon Schafer Drive and Gonyea Road. It takes four to five hours to treat the campus for ice remediation. Snow removal, even at two to three inch depths, will likely take six to eight hours on major sidewalks and roadways depending on the outside air temperatures and the rate of additional accumulation. Since the Eugene area is fairly temperate and does not get exposed to extreme winter conditions, FMP has limited equipment and treatment resources available to react to heavy accumulation of snow or widespread icy conditions and although the FMP Grounds and Trades teams do their best to remove ice and snow, due to the size of the campus, it is likely we won't get it all.

FMP's winter weather response team personnel are committed and take extra caution to work safely in cold, icy, and snowy conditions. Sometimes, severe weather conditions demand that work proceed slowly to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Extreme caution is strongly encouraged when cold wet weather occurs at all college campus locations. It is important that people wear appropriate footwear and gloves, use handrails, expect slick spots on cold mornings, and take extra precautions considering the conditions. Please refer to the campus snow and ice removal route map on the FMP website that shows the campus walkways that are shoveled and the roadways treated with de-icer to help determine how best to navigate inner-campus after any winter weather storm accumulation. To report unsafe conditions or concerns, please call Facilities, Management and Planning at (541) 463-5000. Contact Dave Willis, 5566.

December 13, 2011


Currently, FMP has over 1200 open work orders. During December, many of the trades will be taking a well-deserved vacation. What this means, is that there is going to be limited coverage during the last half of December. FMP staff ask that everyone be patient during this time of the year, and be assured that crews will respond to their calls as quickly as possible. As the new year approaches, changes will be made in how work orders are processed. FMP will soon be implementing a new computerized management system which is expected to improve productivity and response time considerably. Starting this month, all current work orders that are on file will be reviewed for accuracy and to confirm necessity. During this process, some work orders may be closed. Requesters may receive notice that their work orders were canceled. If so, please note that this is because the project was determined to be weather related, cost driven, scheduled for completion by an outside contractor, or dated in such a way that the information is not verifiable. This does not mean the work will not get completed; this process is only to help move information from one management system to another. Contact Mark Richardson, 3456.


As a standard at Lane, work requests may be submitted through MPulse by authorized administrative staff designated in your department or division. The department or entity requesting services must submit an electronic work request including an approved account number (if required). Only emergencies or routine services may be requested by phone at (541) 463-5000 or by e-mail to facilitiesoffice@lanecc.edu FMP requests that you not contact trades staff directly to request services. Do not contact FMP management to request services as well. Doing so causes complications with work order processes and affects the response time of work orders already in the system. Contact Mark Richardson, 3456. 


The motor pool vehicles will be deep cleaned this week by Specialized Support Services staff. The motor pool will be closed December 19-27 (college closed days). Please do not wait until the last minute in the late afternoon to pick up your motor pool vehicle. If you are traveling over a mountain pass or need studded tires, please request this at the time of the reservation. FMP is in the process of adding two more 14 passenger extended vans. These vans are expected to be in service sometime during the winter term. FMP is also looking for a white low-mile hybrid or all electric vehicle. If you have a lead on such a vehicle, please let Dave Willis know at extension 5566. If you need to coordinate a reservation, please work with Marilyn Walker at extension 5224. Contact Dave Willis, 5566.


  • Installation of new Building 19 east side exterior stairs. Contact Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Installation of manually operated window frames in the Dental Clinic and reception areas. Contact Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Deep cleaning in Building 4, including the Dental Clinic and reception area. Contact Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Electrical System Outages:  Electrical Outages, repairs, transformer oil testing, mechanical systems shut-down and start-up, generators re-fueling, checklist of concerns including medical clinic vaccine refrigerators, walk-in freezers in Building 16, 19 and Center.
    • SHUTDOWN SCHEDULE - December 20: 7:00 AM: Power shutdown of Buildings 1, 2, 3, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 27, and the Greenhouse. Power will be restored by 9:30 AM. 9:30 AM: Power shutdown of Buildings 4, 5, 30, 31, Waste Water Treatment Plant, and Track and Soccer field. Power restored at 11:30 AM. 12:00 PM: Power shutdown of Buildings 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, and 17. Power restored at 3:00 PM.
    • December 21: 7:30 AM: Power shutdown of Building 12, Central Plant (boiler room). Power will be restored at 3:00 PM.
    • December 22: Reserved for possible power shutdowns in the event problems are found that require repair. Contact Carl Hassman, (541) 968-5545.
  • Deep cleaning in Building 1, first floor. Contact Janet Martin, (541) 968-6054 or Craig Kulm, (541) 520-4003.
  • Waste Water Treatment Maintenance including feeding nutrients during outage in preparation for the winter term. Contact Dan Conklin, (541) 579-3039 or Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.
  • Building 4 noisy fan next to a class room, second floor. Contact Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Solar Charging Station: installation of signs, procedure, etc. Contact Anna Scott, ext. 5805 or Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Building 11 classroom lighting upgrades. Contact Carl Hassman, (541) 968-5545.
  • Laundry Heat Recovery Project. Contact Anna Scott, ext. 5805 or Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.
  • Public Safety parking lot improvements. Contact Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Building 8 overhead crane repair. Contact Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Building 10 punch list items--Hyland Construction and Sub-Contractors. Contact Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.
  • London Plane tree removal on Parnell Loop Road and near Building 1. Contact Frank Drengacz, ext. 5567.
  • Child Care PV Array trench, cable, tie-in, commissioning. Contact Anna Scott, ext. 5805 or Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.
  • Building 19 New Wayfinding Signs ordered and installed. Contact Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Installation of new carpet tiles in Culinary Services Offices, Center Building. Contact Heath Pierce, (541) 647-9854.
  • Insulating pipes in the tunnels. Contact Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.
  • Multi-Building Solar Thermal project. Contact Anna Scott, ext. 5805.
  • Concrete mow strips around light poles. Contact Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.
  • HVAC Scheduling for winter term. Contact Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.
  • Center building HVAC. Contact Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.
  • KLCC Elevator Modernization. Contact Mark Richardson, (541) 844-5325.

Updates prior to December 13, 2011 can be found on our Archive Site