Custodial Services Teams

Custodial Services Teams

Main Campus Custodial Services Team

Green Team Blue Team
Responsible Coordinator Craig Kulm Responsible Coordinator Janet Martin
Name Building Name Building


19 Doug 11
Jake 19 John Center Kitchen and Stairs
Kevin 1 Ron Cafeteria and Stairs
Aaron 3 and outside Elevator Matt Cafeteria and Stairs
Yolanda Lower 4 Bruce 12, Center Basement, Bookstore, and 3rd Floor
Marie Upper 4 and 5 Wendell Center 2nd Floor
Bobbi Upper 4 and 5 Linda P. Library
Lamar Lower 5 Larry Center 4th Floor and N/S Elevator
Tracy Lower 5 Gene Lower East 16
Tony 30 Linda C. Lower West 16
Sam 30 JennieLynn Upper 16
Randy 6 and 8 Chad 17, 18 and Outside Elevator
SSS 7, 9, 13, 15 Don CDC
Coordinator 2, Backfill, Quality Control Coordinator 31, Backfill, Quality Control

Coordinators rotate every term

Off Campus Custodial Team

Coordinated by Custodial Services Manager, Katherine Vos

Shelly Air Tech Pat Cottage Grove
Shelly Wildish/KLCC Dino Florence