Custodial Services: Team Achievements

Custodial Services Team Achievements

Custodial Services Team, 200 days with no-time loss injurySafety Initiatives

Lane's Custodial Services team has implemented the following safety initiatives and are committed to working safely.

  1. "SafeColleges" online training plan through August, 2014.
  2. Purchased work pants with gel pack knee pads for all employees. Custodial Services staff have had several knee re constructive surgeries in the past two years.
  3. 235 days now without a lost time work related injury.
  4. Purchased stepping stools for all custodial closets, allowing employees to reach chemicals on shelving.
  5. Purchased more comfortable knee pads for all custodial closets.
  6. Posted MSDS binders in all custodial closets.
  7. Provided extensive training for all floor resurfacing work, equipment operator training, and proper use of tools to do the job without undo stress and fatigue.
  8. Monthly mandatory safety training provided by the Director of FMP.
  9. Extensive new employee safety training.
  10. Safety idea competition with a $25 gift certificate offered every 6 months to winning idea that can be implemented and which meet determined criteria. A safety idea box is mounted to the wall in FMP.
  11. Routing monthly electronically a scanned copy of the "Facilities Manager Alert" publication with safety lessons learned, tips, and OSHA fine incidents.

Custodial Services Team, one year with no-time loss injury