Request for Transcript Evaluation

Request for Transcript Evaluation

Complete this form to request an evaluation of non Lane credits. 

Use the Course Equivalency Transfer Tool in order to see how your prior college classes transfer to Lane. Not all courses are listed. You must be a current credit Lane Community College student enrolled in 6 credits or more for a transcript to be reviewed. See the Frequently Asked Questions.


Transcript Evaluation Requests can be processed once these conditions have been satisfied:

  1. You have applied for Admission
  2. Official Transcripts have been submitted to Enrollment and Student Financial Services
  3. You are currently enrolled in six credits or more
  4. You are pursuing an associates degree and/or certificate at Lane

Request Transcript Evaluation Form:

This process is for enrolled students. You may submit your official transcripts and complete this form when you have registered for a minimum of 6 credits.

This process is for students seeking to earn a Lane degree or certificate. When you are seeking a Lane degree or certificate return to this process to complete the transcript evaluation request form.

For your request to be processed you must: 1. Be a current credit Lane Community College student enrolled in 6 credits or more 2. Have your official transcript on file.

Personal Information:

please enter full name: First, Middle and Last
You will receive an email notification when the evaluation has been completed

Helpful Hints:

If you are not sure which courses are transferable or how they may affect your Credit Limit please see your Counselor or Academic Advisor.
Do not list the following courses: 
  • most developmental courses  
  • courses you did not pass (i.e. F, NP, Audit, Withdrawal)
  • upper division courses (300 or 400 level, except on an individual basis)
  • courses that are listed as "in progress"
Example of how to list courses from 2 different transcripts
  • WR121 English Composition, LBCC, Winter 2011
  • MTH95 Intermediate Algebra, COCC, Fall 2004

By submitting this request, I understand that:

1. Official transcripts are mailed or taken directly to Enrollment and Student Financial Services in an envelope that is sealed in such a manner that the Campus Registrar will have confidence that its contents have not been reviewed since leaving the institution of origin.

2. The College will evaluate my transcript only for my declared Program of Study recorded in myLane. I will need to submit another request form to be re-evaluated if I change my Program of Study.

3. Official transcripts from each institution are required. Only credits from the sending institution will be evaluated.

4. Grades from a previous institution will not affect (lower or raise) my GPA at Lane.

5. I will know when my credits have been evaluated by reviewing my Progress Report and looking for courses with the annotation of TRAN

Enjoy your classes at Lane. There is no reason for you to transfer credits.

Please see your academic advisor or counselor to discuss transfer course planning. There is no need to complete the transfer credit evaluation process.