Instructional Scheduling - Final Exam Schedule Guidelines

Instructional Scheduling

Final Exam Schedule Guidelines

Please be aware of the following guidelines for your Division's final exam schedule:

  1. If a class section has more than one location listed in the meeting record (not more than one meeting record), the department staff must load the final exam meeting record with the correct location using the FINL meeting type code.
  2. If you have class sections that should be cross-listed, they must be cross-listed before the roll to the actual term
  3. The "Auto Scheduler" code, ASM, 1SM or NSM, must be correct.
    1. if preassigning a space use the ASM code
    2. if requesting a specific space use the 1SM code (remember: requests are not allowed for Bldg. 19 classrooms)
    3. if you'd like S25 to find a space use the NSM code--no building or room

IT will run a script to load a final exam record for sections in the 1 or V POT--that do not have special circumstances as mentioned above.

Contact Instructional Scheduling with questions:
Robin Geyer - (541) 463-3174