Logistics Section Chief (LSC)

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The LSC is a member of the General Staff and is responsible 
for providing facilities, services, people, and material in support of the incident. The LSC participates in the development and implementation of the IAP (Incident Action Plan) and supervises the branches and units within the Logistics Section. The LSC may have Deputy LSCs, who may be from the same agency or from an assisting agency. The Deputy LSC must have the same qualifications as the person for whom they work as they must be ready to take over that position at any time.


The major responsibilities of the LSC are:

  1. Organize the Logistics Section.
  2. Assign work locations and work tasks to Section personnel.
  3. Notify the Planning Section/Resources Unit of activated Logistics Section Units, including names and locations of assigned personnel.
  4. Assemble and brief Logistics Branch Directors and Unit Leaders.
  5. Participate in the planning process.
  6. Determine and supply immediate incident resource and facility needs.
  7. Coordinate and process requests for additional resources.
  8. In conjunction with Command, develop and advise all Sections of the IMT resource request process, the resource approval process, and use of CG Resource Request form (ICS 213-RR).
  9. Develop resource ordering process with FSC.
  10. Review proposed tactics for upcoming operational period to ensure ability to provide resources and logistical support.
  11. Advise Command and other Section Chiefs on resource availability to support incident needs.
  12. Identify long-term service and support requirements for planned and expected operations.
  13. Oversee development of the Communications Plan (ICS 205), Medical Plan (ICS 206), Transportation Plan and Traffic Plan, as required.
  14. Provide input to the Information Management Plan.
  15. Identify logistical resource needs for incident contingencies.
  16. Determine the type and amount of resources ordered and enroute to include reporting of status/location.
  17. Advise Section Chiefs on resource limitations, constraints, and appropriateness.
  18. Advise on current service and support capabilities.
  19. Participate in Business Management Meeting with the FSC.
  20. Request and/or set up expanded ordering processes as appropriate to support incident.
  21. Recommend Logistics Section resources to be demobilized and prioritize release order.
  22. Provide Logistics Section requirements to be included in the Demobilization Plan to DMOB.
  23. Receive and implement applicable portions of the incident Demobilization Plan.
  24. Maintain Unit Log (ICS 214-CG) and forward to DOCL for disposition.