ODI 2009 Conference

Oregon Diversity Institute 2009

ODI 2009 - Fifteenth Annual Conference

Dr. Frances Kendall keynote speaker

Dr. Frances Kendall,
Keynote speaker

November 5th, Eugene, OR

Hosted by Lane Community College in partnership with IDEC 

SHIFT HAPPENS: Courage in Times of Uncertainty

There have been many recent challenges on a national, state and local level.  Preparing to meet these challenges is at the forefront of our diversity work.  This year's conference explores the shifts on the horizon as well as empowers us with new tools to create transformational organizations that will courageously meet the needs of our diverse communities, agencies and business.

The 15th annual Oregon Diversity Institute is hosted by Lane Community College in partnership with the Lane County Inter Agency Diversity and Equality Coalition (IDEC).

The Oregon Diversity Institute (ODI) addresses historic and contemporary issues of access, social justice, human rights, and equity. We promote respectful, open and honest interactions among people and communities of diverse abilities and backgrounds.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who values and supports successful diversity strategies
  • Administrators, Faculty, staff and students from community colleges, universities and K-12
  • Employers and Community organizations  

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