Award Nominations

Oregon Diversity Institute

Award Nominations

The Oregon Diversity Institute (ODI) strives to recognize individuals, groups and work places in our community and around the state for their efforts in addressing historic and contemporary issues of access, social justice, human rights and equity. In this spirit, ODI annually presents awards in a number of categories to honor their work in promoting respectful, open and honest interactions among people and communities of diverse abilities and backgrounds. Awards will be presented at the annual Oregon Diversity Institute.

Screening of nominations: Nominations will be screened by the Oregon Diversity Institute (ODI) Board of Directors. The screening process will ascertain that nominations meet the award criteria as described. Nominations should reflect the mission statement and goals and objectives of the Oregon Diversity Institute.

The Tenison Haley Outstanding Individual Contribution Award

In 2002, Oregon Diversity Institute lost one of its passionate supporters, Dr. Tenison Haley, Dean Emeritus at Rogue Community College. Dr. Haley left a legacy of extensive community service, a 45 year career in community colleges and a passionate desire to make this a better world for everyone. His many generous contributions led to the success of the Oregon Diversity Institute. In honor of Dr. Haley's legacy and in celebration of his life, we have established the Tenison Haley Outstanding Individual Contribution Award. This award is presented to an individual who has distinguished himself/herself through visible leadership, sustained commitment, and service to others.

Outstanding Student or Student Group Contribution

This award is presented to a student or student group who has brought to the campus community programs(s) and/or learning opportunities of lasting impact that improved the campus climate by inspiring renewed school spirit and pride in the campus community.