CCPD - Membership

Cultural Competency Professional Development (CCPD) - Membership

CCPD Committee Members

The CCPD Committee was formed to oversee and coordinate the work necessary to ensure that the goals of the CCPD initiative are met. The committee is supported by the Diversity Governance Council, but is autonomous.

The CCPD committee meets regularly and is comprised of a variety of stakeholders on campus which currently includes classified staff, managers, and faculty, all of whom have committed to guiding this work. We hope to have more administrators, deans, students, and community members involved in the committee in the future.

While not all members of the committee are able to be regularly active in committee work, the following Lane employees are officially listed as members of the CCPD committee:

  • ASLCC President
  • Indira Bakshi
  • Greg Evans
  • Jennifer Falzerano
  • Judy Gates
  • Tia Gomez Zeller
  • Mark Harris
  • Cybele Higgins
  • Adrienne Mitchell
  • Lynn Nakamura
  • Ahmad Rajabzadeh
  • Claudia Riumallo
  • Marie Sagaberd
  • Tammy Salman
  • Christina Salter
  • Marsha Sills
  • Gee Thomas
  • Rosemarie Tillman
  • Stacey Vasquez
  • Donna Zmolek