CCPD - Introduction

Cultural Competency Professional Development (CCPD) - Introduction

The Cultural Competency Professional Development (CCPD) initiative at Lane Community College, formed in response to Board Policy 520, is specifically designed to address the evolving needs and changing demographics of the college’s student, staff, and community populations.

The college’s strategic direction “Access, Equity, and Inclusion through Social Justice” prioritizes creating philosophical and structural underpinnings that will lead to a cultural paradigm shift in the ways that learning, working, and engagement happen on campus.

Current Topic Areas Include:

  • Accessibility, Age, Ability, and Mental Health (‘A3M’)
  • Gender Spectrum, Sexual Orientation, Sexism, Heterosexism
  • Implicit Bias
  • Intersectionality
  • Prison Industrial Complex: School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Language
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Sexual Assault and Partner Violence: Awareness, Prevention, and Survival Strategies
  • Socio-Economic Background and Social Class
  • Understanding of the Dynamics Related to Power, Privilege, and Oppression
  • Understanding of Social Justice
  • Veterans and Military Status

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Online Learning

SafeColleges Modules for CCPD Credit
Course Title Duration Group/Subject
Title IX and Gender Equity in Athletics 45 Minutes Athletics
Discrimination: Avoiding Discriminatory Practices (for Supervisors) 29 Minutes Employment Practices/Supervisory
Sexual Harassment: Policy and Prevention (for Supervisors) 69 Minutes Employment Practices/Supervisory
HIV/AIDS Awareness 8 Minutes Health
Student Mental Health 11 Minutes Health
Americans with Disabilities Act Overview 33 Minutes Human Resources
Boundary Invasion 23 Minutes Human Resources
Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace 14 Minutes Human Resources
Diversity and Inclusion: Faculty and Staff 11 Minutes Human Resources
Diversity Awareness: Staff-to-Staff 23 Minutes Human Resources
Sexual Harassment: Staff-to-Staff 29 Minutes Human Resources
Title IX: and Sexual Misconduct 27 Minutes Human Resources
Title IX: Roles and Responsibilities for Coordinators and Administrators 36 Minutes Human Resources
Title IX: Roles of Responsible Employees 28 Minutes Human Resources
Title VI: Overview 33 Minutes Human Resources
Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention 20 Minutes Human Resources
Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention (for Employees) 20 Minutes Human Resources
Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention (for Supervisors) 28 Minutes Human Resources
Communication Styles and Skills 11 Minutes Social and Behavioral
Implicit Bias and Microaggression Awareness 21 Minutes Social and Behavioral
Making Campus Safe for LGBTQ+ Students 22 Minutes Social and Behavioral
Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for Transgender Students 19 Minutes Social and Behavioral
Sexual Violence Awareness for Employees (Campus SaVE Act) 39 Minutes Social and Behavioral

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