What We Offer

What We Offer

sculpture of a crane flying against a blue hue backgroundAccommodations — Information about each of the accommodations provided by the Center for Accessible Resources.

Advising and Problem Solving — For students who run into problems implementing their accommodations.

Alternate Format — Center for Accessible Resources provides textbooks, class materials and tests in various alternate formats including audio, electronic text, enlargements and Braille.

Accessible Technology — Accessible Technology for students with qualifying disabilities.

FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions for Center for Accessible Resources.

Transition Planning for High School Students with Disabilities — Planning tips for high school students who are thinking about attending college.

Residential Accommodations - For residential accommodations at Titan Court, go to TitanCourt.com or call the General Manager at (541) 344-2828.

Skillbuilding and Academic Support — Academic support for a range of educational needs that is available on campus, in Lane County and on-line.

Strategies for Temporary Medical Conditions — Ideas and actions for students needing temporary accommodations, typically during a healing period after an injury or surgery.

Test Accommodations — Center for Accessible Resources provides test accommodations that cannot be provided by the instructor.

Universal Design — Using Universal Design principles, instructors are able to design highly inclusive classrooms by taking into consideration the wide variety of learning styles, abilities and disabilities of students right from the start. Center for Accessible Resources offers awareness and resources for Universal Design concepts.