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CAR regularly sends emails to faculty members regarding student accommodations, both through automated and non-automated emails. This page outlines ways to troubleshoot email issues, and faculty responsibilities regarding these emails.

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Troubleshooting Automated Emails

In efforts to communicate with faculty, CAR's systems have been customized to send automated messages in response to requests or other actions taken by students. While automated, these messages are timely and contain important information regarding student academic accommodations, and may require immediate action.

While the sender of these messages is, since they originate from our secure database provider, they may be going to a spam folder. Those concerned that they are not getting CAR emails may try the following:

#1 Check your email address.

Due to FERPA, CAR is only permitted to send information pertaining to LCC students to email accounts. For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of Education FERPA webpage.

#2 Check your spam folders.

Please make sure that is listed on your Approved Contact List (whitelist) in the Google spam filter.

#3 Check the trash and Message Center in case the email was deleted or marked as spam.

When searching for this email, please note that the subject line is formatted in the following way:
Accommodation Notification for [Student L#], [Class information: CRN and title]

#4 Make sure emails do not get automatically forwarded to an outside email address.

This can cause issues with our systems. Please make sure that this setting is off or manually check your account, which is synced with CAR's systems.

Troubleshooting Automated Communications Video

If all else fails, please contact CAR at (x5150) or the HelpDesk (x4444) to discuss this item. It is the commitment of our department to make sure that you are getting the information that you need. Thank you for your work in making sure that you are receiving these communications.

Email Confidentiality 

Due to FERPA, CAR is only permitted to send emails regarding a student to instructor’s email address. This includes their Letter of Accommodation (LOA). Any information sent in these emails should not be shared with other staff or faculty members.

Please be sure to keep checking your LCC email for communication from CAR, as these emails can be sent out any time in the term. If you are concerned you are not getting CAR emails, please follow the steps above.


  • Why was a student’s Letter of Accommodation not sent to my personal email address?
    • Due to FERPA, CAR is only permitted to send information pertaining to LCC students to email accounts. This includes Letters of Accommodation. If you are concerned that you may not be receiving CAR emails to your LCC email address refer to the steps above.
  • Where can I find other help in troubleshooting email issues?
    • The HelpDesk can assist faculty in troubleshooting email issues if the guide above does not help. They can be reached at x4444.

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