Testing Accommodations - Faculty

Testing Accommodations - Faculty

Information for Faculty

This page outlines information about student testing accommodations, and important information for faculty regarding test facilitation.

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Student Responsibilities

Students who are eligible and wish to use their testing accommodations are required to meet with their instructors regarding these accommodations. In working with their instructors, students can choose to take their tests with their extended time or reduced distraction room in a variety of places:

  • CAR Testing Facilities
  • Math/Science/Business Resource Centers
  • Instructional Testing Services

Again, it is the student’s responsibility to have a conversation with their instructor regarding where they will complete their test. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact CAR.

Testing Through CAR, Video Walkthrough

There are a few things to keep in mind when a student has testing accommodations:

  • Testing accommodations apply to all quizzes (including pop quizzes), tests, midterms, exams, and finals.
  • Students with testing accommodations should be held to the same makeup/late policy as stated in the syllabus. Contact CAR for assistance in determining if an exception related to disability is appropriate.
  • Students are required to meet with their instructors to create or plan for a site where tests will be administered.

If a student chooses to complete their test in CAR facilities:

  • Faculty members need to complete the testing agreement included with the Letter of Accommodation (LOA) via email. See video walkthrough below.
  • Tests must be received by noon the day before the scheduled test.
  • Tests will be returned the same day taken.
  • During a test, if you provide the class with additional instructions or make modifications, contact CAR immediately so we can alert the student.

Video Walkthrough of CAR’s Testing Process

Testing Agreements, Video Walkthrough

Faculty will need to complete the testing agreement included with the Letter of Accommodation (LOA) via email. This agreement will outline certain details regarding the testing process that are important to administration. See the video walkthrough below:

Testing Security

Maintaining faculty test security is very important to CAR. Some of the security precautions that we take are:

  • All tests are held in a secure, locked location
  • During testing, all students are monitored at all times by trained CAR staff as well as cameras
  • Students are separated from their belongings, including smart watches
  • If a student is witnessed using unauthorized material or breaking any other established procedures, an incident form will be completed and sent to the faculty member to determine the consequences

Testing Accommodations in Moodle

Students with extended test time eligibility are still able to receive their extended time for Moodle tests.

Pop Quizzes

CAR is able to assist faculty in administering pop quizzes to students who have testing accommodations:

  • Contact CAR two business days prior to the quiz
  • Arrangements will be made without disclosure to the student

If you have any other questions regarding this, please contact CAR.

Contact Testing

Hours of Testing Operation

  • 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
  • For exceptions to the testing hours, contact CAR Testing

Email: CARTesting@lanecc.edu
Phone: (541) 463-5280


Where do I go to fill out or edit a testing agreement?

  • When a student requests a test to be taken in CAR’s testing center, an email is sent to your lanecc.edu email address with a link where you can fill out the testing agreement. If you need to make changes to your testing agreement or you need help filling it out, call CAR at x5280.

A student with testing accommodations never contacted me about arranging their tests. How should I proceed?

  • CAR instructs students to meet with their instructors regarding testing arrangements. You as the instructor, may facilitate this conversation if you feel comfortable or wait for the student to come to you.

What is the process for students with testing accommodations that miss or need to make up a test?

  • As the instructor, you determine the guidelines surrounding missed and makeup exams. It is important that students with accommodations also adhere to these guidelines.

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