Test Accommodations

Test Accommodations - Current Students

Accommodations provided

Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) provides test accommodations in two CAR testing facilities for qualified students.

How to request test accommodations each term

  1. Register for classes as soon as possible.
  2. Request your accommodations online.
  3. Submit test requests for each test.

How to use test accommodations

  • Students are required to meet with each of their faculty members to discuss their accommodations.
  • CARTesting is unable to provide some accommodations for at home/take home tests. Students should see their CAR accommodation specialist about any home accommodations needed.
  • Students must inform their CAR accommodation specialist immediately if a test accommodation has not been appropriately administered.
  • Tests taken in CAR testing facilities may not exceed 4.5 hours per testing session. If circumstances require a longer testing period, the faculty member will be asked to break the test into sections.
  • Testing Accommodations may not be appropriate for all testing situations. This will be determined by the instructor. Test accommodations may not be allowed if the accommodations would interfere with a student’s demonstration of the essential learning outcomes of a test or class.

How to schedule an exam

  • Tests must be scheduled THREE business days in advance. 

  • Tests need be scheduled at the same time as the class scheduled time.

  • Alternative times must be approved by the instructor prior to scheduling.

  • Students requiring a test start time before CAR is open (9:00 AM) should schedule the test for 9:00 and make a note requesting the earlier time. CAR Testing staff will review the request and reschedule if approved.

  • CARTesting cannot take requests for specific testing locations

Watch this video for instructions on how to schedule an exam!


Tips and guidelines

Late exam requests

If a request is submitted after the three business day deadline, reasonable efforts will be made by CAR to accommodate the request. However, CAR cannot guarantee such a request can be met. If adequate notice is not given and arrangements cannot be set up in time, the student must accept the accommodations available or accept the instructor's policy regarding late/make up exams.

Pop quizzes

  • CARTesting can provide accommodations for pop quizzes.
  • CARTesting will work with the instructor to arrange accommodations.

Academic honesty

If a student is observed using unauthorized materials, an incident report will be completed by the test proctor and sent to the instructor who will determine the consequences.

Reduced distraction

  • CARTesting provides a distraction reduced test taking experience relative to the typical LCC classroom (1 to 7 students testing in one room).Image of testing facilities available in CAR testing center
  • CARTesting cannot guarantee a specific environment in which students receive an exam or promise a room absolutely free of distractions or peripheral noise or a private room.
  • Universal Design components are incorporated to minimize any remaining distractions, such as noise canceling headphones.

Music/white noise

picture of the testing room

  • CARTesting will provide Pandora or white noise machines when requested.
  • Students are not allowed to use their own personal devices.
  • Students need to use provided headphones and keep volume at a level not disruptful to others.


  • Students are not allowed to take breaks or leave the room during testing.*
  • Formal breaks will be allowed for qualifying medical conditions.
  • No additional time will be added for breaks.
  • If a student leaves the testing room all personal belonging and testing materials must remain in the testing room with the proctor.
  • Students are always allowed to stand up and stretch or rest during a test.

*Exceptions may apply for those with approved accommodations

Guidelines for lateness, rescheduling, and cancellations


Students who arrive late forfeit the time already missed, end times will not be extended.

Reschedule requests

  • If a student needs to reschedule a test, requests must be received by CARTesting at least two business days prior to the scheduled test.
  • Before rescheduling a test, the student must obtain the instructors permission.

Canceling an exam

If for any reason a student decides not to take a test at CARTesting after scheduling one, the student is responsible for notifying CARTesting at least two business days prior to the scheduled test. This includes choosing to take the exam in class, cancellations by instructor, or withdrawing from a course.

If a student fails to show up for or cancels tests two times in a single term, they will be required to speak with their CAR accommodation specialist before scheduling future tests. CARTesting is not responsible for providing testing accommodations for any tests that occur prior to meeting with an adviser.

Service suspensions

After excessive (two or more) test accommodation cancellations students will have their testing accommodations suspended. Services may become dependent on a test-day phone call confirming the need for testing accommodations.

If a student fails to show up for a scheduled test within 15 minutes of the test's scheduled start time, the student is considered a "no-show" and CARTesting will notify the instructor. There is no guarantee that the instructor will permit a make-up test, check the syllabus for the instructor's policy regarding late/make up exams. One "grace" no-show is permitted each term. Every future no-show will result in a suspension of testing accommodations.

Suspension of testing accommodations will require a meeting with a CAR accommodation specialist before services will be re-started. During this meeting, the student and CAR accommodation specialist will discuss what caused the student to miss the test. The outcome of this meeting will determine if the student's services will be reinstated, suspended, or conditional.

Testing room guidelines

  • Picture identification is required.
  • Cell phone and other electronic devices must be turned off, shown to the proctor, and stored in a provided area of the testing center.
  • All personal items must be placed away from the students testing area.*
  • Predetermined time will be strictly enforced.
  • Students are not allowed to take breaks or leave the room during testing.*
  • Guests and children are not permitted in the testing area.
  • Testing areas are designated fragrance free, please avoid wearing scented products.
  • CARTesting is not responsible for the safety of student personal belongings or valuables.
  • Please be respectful of other students who may be testing.

*Exceptions may apply for those with approved accommodations

During testing the proctor may not:

  • Help the student with any answers.
  • Be asked to interpret, define, explain or reword questions.

In addition to the duties of a proctor a reader:

  • Will only read what is on the test in a direct voice.
  • May be asked to re-read parts of the test and state the punctuation.
  • May be asked to adjust speed and volume.

In addition to the duties of a proctor a scribe:

  • Will record exactly what the student dictates.
  • Is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing a student's thoughts into a final most "readable" draft.
  • Is responsible for general spelling and sentence-ending punctuation. Students are responsible for detailing to the scribe any spelling specific, class-related terminology or punctuation.
  • The student will direct the scribe to make any corrections, otherwise, what has been dictated by the student will be turned in as is.
  • For responses requiring equations, the student must specify where to place figures and operands.

Reader and scribe accommodations will be provided using technology through text-to-speech and speech-to-text software programs.

Please see the student agreement for using test accommodations on CAR's Student Agreement page.

Questions or concerns? Students should immediately contact their CAR Accommodation Specialist. If needed, visit CAR's Grievances page for information on informal and formal complaint processes.

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