Student Handbook Chapter 16 - Sign Language Interpreters

Student Handbook Chapter 16 - Sign Language Interpreters

This chapter provides information specific to sign language interpreters; for general information see the Service Providers Page.

Accommodations provided

Interpreters will be scheduled for qualifying students upon request. Students should request services 30 business days before the start of each term or as soon as possible to allow Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) staff time to locate an appropriate interpreter. CAR will make every effort to locate sign language interpreters for qualified deaf students.

Video remote interpreting

  • Video remote interpreting (VRI) services may be provided when appropriate or when on-site providers are not available. In this case, equipment and technical assistance can be arranged through CAR for both the student and the instructor.
  • It is important to note in most cases the microphone used by the instructor only picks up the voice of the instructor. If the student is in a discussion-based class, the student should contact CAR for proper equipment and strategies.

How to request sign language interpreters

Please visit CAR's Requesting Accommodations Page for more information.

Please see the student agreement for using service providers, such as sign language interpreters, on CAR's Student Agreement Page.

Students needing interpreters for items outside of the classroom such as tutoring should request interpreters through their AIM profile. Please see the PDF: Interpreter Requests for Events or Needs outside of the Classroom for instructors regarding how to do this.

Questions or concerns? Students should immediately contact their CAR Accommodation Specialist from CAR's Contact page. If needed, visit CAR's Grievances Page for information on informal and formal complaint processes.