Student Handbook Chapter 11 - CAR Technology Center

Student Handbook Chapter 11 - Center for Accessible Resources Technology Center

What is the CAR Technology Center?

Building 19, Room 263B

Check the CAR Announcements page for up-to-date Tech Center hours.

For upcoming closures, check the main CAR webpage.

The CAR Technology Center is a space available for CAR students to use for support and resources regarding their accessible technology, as well as access to specific accessible software. In the Center, staff are available to work with students to provide support regarding this accessible technology equipment and software. Computers and desks are also available for CAR students who need a quiet space to work with their accessible technology or do homework.

Accessible Technology Drop In

CAR students are welcome to come to CAR’s Technology Center. Accessible Technology Staff are available at all times during drop-in hours to help you with any questions you have about your accessible technology, no appointment necessary! Computers and desk space are also available if you need to work with your technology for a while or if you need a quiet space to do some homework.

Technology Orientations

Any student who is made eligible for an accommodation that utilizes accessible technology must attend a mandatory technology orientation before they can check out their equipment. In this orientation, students will learn about their technology and how to use it.

Technology trainings are offered during drop-in hours or during other office hours by appointment. The technology staff offer trainings on:

Staff also answer questions or help troubleshoot any other software available in the Technology Center or that students own.

Software and Equipment:

The CAR Technology Center computers come with many different options that students can utilize during drop in hours. Computers in the CAR Technology Center are equipped with:

Accessible Technology and PDF Tutorials

Livescribe Smartpens—Smartpens are ballpoint pens with an embedded computer and digital audio recorder. If used with the paper in the Smartpen notebook the Smartpen will record what it writes and later upload it to a computer. For more information, read CAR's Smartpen Instructions below.

Echo Desktop for Smartpens—Echo Desktop is computer software allowing people to view and listen to content created using a Smartpen. When a student uses a Smartpen provided by the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) they will be given instructions for how to upload this software on to their computer; students can also find the instructions below.

Audio Recorders are available to students to record lectures to play back later. These are great for any student who has trouble taking quick, thorough notes or would benefit from repetition of lectures at home.

IBM Watson, our speech-to-text service, is available for students to transcribe and print audio recordings. IBM Watson will take audio recordings of full-length lectures and turn them into printable text. This is a great program for students who wish to read along with their lectures.