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Student Accommodations Information for Faculty


Each student is determined eligible for certain accommodations on a case-by-case basis. CAR’s goal is to have an interactive process with faculty regarding student accommodations. This page provides more information about each accommodation that CAR offers.

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Specific Accommodations

  • Testing Accommodations
  • Alternate Format
  • In Class Readers/Aides/Scribes
  • Interpreters
  • Assistive Technology (VRI, Typewell, ALD)
  • Alternative Furniture
  • Audio Recording
  • Equipment and Accessible Technology
  • Attendance and Course Due Dates

General Accommodation Information

In order to utilize accommodations each term, students must engage in an interactive process that contains the following:

  • Requesting accommodations each term in the AIM portal
  • Completing subsequent requests for Alternate Format and Testing for each item that needs formatting or for each Test/Quiz/Exam/Midterm/Final.
  • Meeting with each instructor to discuss their Letter of Accommodation (LOA) and discuss the details of the accommodations they wish to use in class.
  • Meeting with their CAR Accommodation Specialist at least once a term.

Student Agreements

Students are required to sign agreements every term they are eligible for accommodations in one of the categories below. The agreement outlines the student’s responsibilities and guidelines for using the given accommodation. As part of the interactive process, students are responsible for understanding the information presented in these agreements and seeking clarification, if needed, from their primary Accommodation Specialist.

The following are the agreements students must sign for each accommodation:


What do I do if a student asks for accommodations that are not in their Letter of Accommodation?

  • When a student asks for additional accommodations that are not listed in the Letter of Accommodations (LOA), it is important to direct them to CAR. Please only provide the accommodations listed on the student’s LOA when applicable.
  • As a reminder, an LOA comes from the CAR office to your email. Any printed version that a student may bring you is not an official LOA.

Is it my job to negotiate student accommodations?

  • All negotiation and determination of student accommodations is facilitated by CAR. If students attempt to contact you regarding initial or additional accommodations, please direct them to CAR.

Can a student have myself or someone else audio record the lecture for them if they are absent?

  • Students are only permitted to audio record when they are physically present in the classroom. They should not have their friends or instructors audio record the lecture for them. See the audio recording student agreement for more information: updated link

Do I have any flexibility as an instructor in providing accommodations to a student?

  • There are a few student accommodations that require faculty involvement. Please contact the student’s Accommodation Specialist if you have further questions regarding this.

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