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  • Procedures for working with service providers.
  • How to request a service provider.
  • Tips for working with service providers.
  • Guidelines for support workers and personal aides.

Accommodations provided

Service providers (such as in-class readers/scribes/aides, or computer notetakers, or interpreters) will be scheduled for qualifying students upon request. Students should request services 30 business days before the start of each term or as soon as possible to allow the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) staff time to locate an appropriate service provider.

In-class needs

Request accommodations as soon as possibleIf need for a service provider is known prior to registration for an upcoming term, please contact CAR right away. Service providers will be scheduled to start as soon as possible, but late requests may delay services for one to two weeks.

Out-of-class needs

For meetings or activities: to request a service provider for a meeting or activity, submit a request at least one week before the activity. Contact the CAR office to make a request by voicemail, email, or fax. Be sure to include the type of meeting or activity, the date, time, and location where the service provider is needed.

How to request a service provider

Please see CAR's Requesting Accommodations Page for step-by-step instructions on requesting accommodations like service providers. 

If a service provider is needed outside of the classroom for an LCC event (i.e. Graduation) please contact a CAR advisor. 


Late to class

Service providers will wait for 15 minutes. After that time, the service provider will leave. If the student doesn't call in, this will be counted as a no-show. There will be no services provided during the time missed.

Last minute absences

Students should contact the CAR office as early as possible (preferably before 7:00 a.m.) to cancel their service provider for the day. Messages can be left at any time by phone, TTY, email or fax (see contact information below).


If a student knows they will miss a class (ex: doctor appointment, etc.) inform the CAR office at least 48 hours in advance of the absence so CAR may cancel or reschedule the service provider for the day.

When canceling services, the following information must be provided:

  • The student's name.
  • Names of the classes that will be missed (WR121, MTH60, etc.).
  • Time, day of the week, and date of the classes that will be missed (ex: 8:00-8:50 a.m. Monday, September 27).
  • Date student will return to classes.
  • Causes for missing class (hearing from the student may affect how this absence is handled).

CAR must be made aware of the cancellation.

If the instructor cancels class or indicates a service provider will not be needed, it is the student's responsibility to contact CAR. 

Service suspensions

After excessive (two or more) service provider cancellations students will have their service provider accommodations suspended. Services may become dependent on a daily phone call confirming the need for in-class accommodations.

A no-show is when a service provider is scheduled to provide in-class services for a student who does not attend class and has not called in. One "grace" no-show is permitted each term. Every future no-show will result in a suspension of service provider accommodations.

Suspension of service provider accommodations will require a meeting with a CAR accommodation specialist before services will be re-started. During this meeting, the student and CAR accommodation specialist will discuss what caused the student to miss class. The outcome of this meeting will determine if services will be reinstated, suspended, or conditional. If services are conditional the student may be asked to call in each morning to confirm the need for a service provider.


Occasionally, difficulties occur because a service provider is unable to address the student's requests. If a problem arises, the student should share his/her concerns with their accommodation specialist. There may be a misunderstanding and a simple solution. If the problem cannot be solved through direct communication with the service provider, the student should contact CAR immediately. CAR is committed to solving any problems that arise.

Tips for working with a service provider in class:

  • The service provider may sit near the student during class, if necessary. Please sit in a mutually convenient location.
  • If the student has a question for the instructor about the course (lecture content, reading assignments, homework assignments or other course-related concerns), ask the instructor directly. The service provider will not speak unless this is an authorized accommodation.
  • Contact your CAR accommodation specialist if there are any problems working with a service provider. 
  • It is the student's responsibility to inform CAR if there is any schedule or room changes. Failure to do so could result in an absent service provider.

Note: The college does not provide personal care attendants or aides to assist students with disabilities in carrying out personal functions or physically navigating campus.

Video remote interpreting

  • Video remote interpreting (VRI) services may be provided when appropriate or when an on-site providers are not available. In this case, equipment and technical assistance can be arranged through CAR for both the student and the instructor.
  • It is important to note in most cases the microphone used by the instructor only picks up the voice of the instructor. If the student is in a discussion-based class, the student should contact CAR for proper equipment and strategies.

Support Persons/Personal Aides

Students occasionally request to have a support person (i.e. personal aide, care provider, friend or family member) accompany them to class. The Center for Accessible Resources cannot authorize a friend or family member as an accommodation and does not take responsibility for a personal aide. For more information on guidelines and student responsibilities for bringing support people and personal aides into the classroom, please see our PDF: Support Person Guidlines.

For information on other types of in-class support, please see these pages:

Please see the student agreement for using service providers on CAR's Student Agreement Page.

Questions or concerns? Students should immediately contact their CAR Accommodation Specialist from CAR's Contact page. If needed, visit CAR's Grievances Page for information on informal and formal complaint processes.

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