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As the provision of service animals is not an accommodation facilitated by CAR, there may be questions surrounding how to work with them on campus. This page outlines guidelines and responsibilities regarding service animals.

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Service Animals and CAR

Under Oregon Law, students do not have to have their service animals registered, or approved with CAR or the college. Some students choose to do so, and will have a note in their Letter of Accommodation (LOA), but not all students will choose this route.

Service Animals Rules and Regulations

The college has established regulations regarding the use of service animals on campus. Students wishing to use a service animal are only permitted to do so following these guidelines. The following are just a few of the regulations that must be followed when using a service animal:

  • The animal must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others.
  • The animal should respond to voice or hand commands at all times.
  • The handler should be in full control of the animal at all times.
  • The animal must be clean and in good health.
  • The animal must behave appropriately (i.e. not displaying aggressive behavior, not barking, whining, growling, etc.).
  • The animal should not block the access of aisles or doorways for other individuals.

For a full list of regulations and guidelines, please visit the college’s COPPS Page.

COPPS - Lane's College Online Policy and Procedure System

To learn more about service animal procedures, please visit the college’s COPPS Service Animal Procedure Page.


  • What liberties do I have as an instructor when it comes to service animals in my classroom?
    • Service animals are permitted to be in classrooms, as long as they are adhering to the rules and regulations. If you have questions or concerns about a service animal, please contact CAR.

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