Requesting Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations - Current Students

The Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) provides qualifying students with reasonable and appropriate accommodations such as alternate formatting for textbooks and course material, audio recording, in-class service providers, accommodations for testing, and more!

On this page

  • Learn about the different types of accommodations offered.
  • Learn how to request accommodations.

How to request accommodations

  1. New to CAR? Go to the Application Process Page.
  2. Already a CAR student? Each term, students will need to request accommodations through CAR's AIM Portal for each class the student wishes to utilize accommodations in. Students must specify which accommodations they want to use for each class. A customized Letter of Accommodation (LOA) will be emailed to each of the student's instructors.
  3. Students will need to meet with each instructor privately to discuss details of the accommodations the student will use for that particular class before the student plans to use them.
  4. If after initially requesting accommodations a student is made eligible for an additional eligibility(ies), the student must then request the new accommodation(s) through CAR's AIM Portal.

PDF: How to Request Accommodations Through the AIM Database

Note: There is a subsequent request needed for Alternate Format and Testing for each item that needs to be re-formatted or for each Test/Quiz/Exam/Midterm/Final. For specific instruction on these processes, visit the Alternate Format Page and Testing Accommodation Page or view our PDF: Guide to Requesting Alternate Format Accommodations.


Accommodations will not be available until requested according to the above process. To ensure sufficient time to provide accommodations the student must submit their accommodation requests as soon as possible or within the timelines listed below.

  • Service providers (in-class aides/readers/scribes), interpreters, notetakers, TypeWell services: As soon as possible or 30 business days before start of the term.
  • Furniture: 7 business days before start of the term.
  • Test accommodations: 3 business days before each test/quiz/exam/midterm/final.
  • Alternate format: Prior to start of the term.
  • Modified Attendance and Assignment Due Dates: 2 weeks prior to start of the term.

If a request is submitted after the due date, reasonable efforts will be made by CAR to accommodate the request. However, CAR cannot guarantee such a request can be met. Untimely requests may result in delay, substitutions, or denial of accommodation.

Retroactive accommodations

It is a student’s right not to disclose if he or she has a disability or uses accommodations. Accommodations will not be given retroactively.

All students are encouraged to take steps to ensure accommodations are in place for future assignments or activities by completing the above process to become eligible for academic accommodations.

Residential accommodations

Please visit the Titan Court Website for information on residential accommodations. 

Check out the pages below to learn more about accommodations:

Please visit our Student Agreements Page to learn more about student expectations for using accommodations.

Questions or concerns? Students should immediately contact their CAR Accommodation Specialist from the CAR contact page. If needed, visit CAR's Grievances page for information on informal and formal complaint processes.

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