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What services does CAR provide?

The Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) provides academic accommodations and tools for students, faculty and staff. We strive to educate and increase awareness of disability issues. We work with students with disabilities to figure out what accommodations or adjustments will be useful to improve access to the learning environment, for both credit and noncredit classes. We also assist students in developing learning strategies that can be used while attending college.

For more information on how to get set up with CAR, see our Application Process Page.

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What can I expect when I come to college after high school?

Students will find a number of differences between high school and college, including:

  • Students will need to seek out appropriate resources on campus, such as academic advising, tutoring centers, and the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR).
  • Students will need to give their consent to the college for instructors or staff to speak to their parents.
  • Unlike high school, college homework is not modified. We encourage students with disabilities to visit CAR early in the term and put accommodations in place for their classes.
  • Students are responsible for discussing accommodation needs with their instructors, and CAR encourages students to develop self-advocacy skills.

Go to CAR's Transition Planning for High School Students with Disabilities Page for more information.

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How do I request my accommodations?

Once you are set up with the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR), you can request your accommodations online for classes each term. Please see our Requesting Accommodations Page.

Contact CAR if assistance is needed. 

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Why would another student get different accommodations than me?

The Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) works with each student individually to determine which accommodations are most useful—there are differences from student to student.

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Can disability accommodations be added to my Letter of Accommodation later?

Adjustments in academic accommodations are common as the effects of disabilities may ebb and flow and because classes and learning environments change. Contact your CAR Accommodation Specialist to discuss any accommodations changes you may need to your Letter of Accommodation.

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Does Lane do diagnostic testing?

Lane does not conduct any diagnostic testing, but we can give you a list of resources in the community who do. The list is informational, not an endorsement of any particular tester.

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Is there a cost for accommodations?

No. Students do not pay for disability accommodations.

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Does the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) assist students in getting to class?

CAR can assist students in identifying the most efficient routes around campus. Students needing personal assistance (i.e. pushed in a wheelchair) will need to make their own arrangements. In some situations, distance learning may be a good option.

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Can a family member be my notetaker?

Most likely, no. Students generally work with class peers who volunteer as notetakers.

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What if I qualified for extended test time, and didn't get it?

Please contact the Center for Accessible Resources from CAR's Contact page immediately if you have concerns about your accommodations. 

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I'm having difficulties contacting and/or communicating with my instructor. What should I do?

Establish communication with your instructor at the beginning of the term.

If you are not able to contact them, speak directly to your instructor at the beginning or end of class or during an office hour to ask for suggestions. If this is an online class, speak with someone in the appropriate department for further suggestions.

We encourage you to communicate directly with your instructor about any issues that arise. You may also come to the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) to meet with your CAR Accommodation Specialist in order to discuss strategies. If necessary, your CAR Accommodation Specialist can help facilitate a meeting between you and your instructor.

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Does LCC offer residential accommodations?

Please visit the Titan Court website for more information.

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Does LCC offer assistance for campus events, such as graduation?

If accommodations are needed to facilitate full participation in a Lane Community College event contact the Center for Accessible Resources at least one week in advance at (541) 463-5150 or

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How do I make a formal or informal complaint about a faculty member or a CAR staff member?

When students and faculty members disagree about any part of the service providing process, students should immediately contact their CAR Accommodation Specialist from CAR's Contact page. If needed, students can visit CAR's Grievances Page for information on informal and formal complaint processes. Students do not have to file an informal complaint before they file a formal complaint.

Where can I find LCC's required accessibility statements?

Required event, syllabus, and publication accessibility statements can be found on the COPPS Disabilities: Accessibility Statements for Students and Community page.

What should I do if I'm having trouble with audio tags on my digital texts?

Please see our PDF: Adobe Reader Instructions. If you're still having trouble, contact our alternate format staff at

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How do I find accessible features on campus?

Here's a video tutorial on LCC's interactive map:

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