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Faculty often have questions about who is responsible for the different steps in the accommodation process. This page outlines common areas where questions may arise, and addresses what a faculty member’s role looks like in regards to each.

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Grading Considerations

At the end of the term, there are often questions about how to grade students who have a disability. Students with disabilities should be held to the same evaluation and grading standards as those for all other students. Therefore, you should grade the work of a student who has a disability as you would grade the work of any other student. These guidelines apply whether or not a student utilizes CAR resources.

Disability Verification

As a faculty member, if a student approaches you and attempts to give you disability verification to support their request for accommodations, please refer the student to CAR. If a student wishes to utilize academic accommodations in classes, they must follow college procedures by completing the CAR application, intake appointment, and submission of disability verification for review and accommodation assessment. Accommodations are not retroactive and can only be used if a student has gone through the CAR process.

Determining Student Accommodations

While students and faculty are encouraged to discuss how the student’s accommodations will be facilitated in a particular course, all negotiation and determination of student accommodations is done by CAR. If students attempt to contact you regarding initial or additional accommodations, please direct them to CAR. Faculty feedback and collaboration is essential to facilitating accommodations.

Working with CAR Students

If you have any questions or concerns regarding students’ accommodations or working with a CAR student, please feel free to contact their primary Accommodation Specialist or the CAR office.


  • What do I do if a student asks for accommodations that are not in their Letter of Accommodation?
    • When a student asks for additional accommodations that are not listed in the Letter of Accommodation (LOA), it is important to direct them to CAR. Please only provide the accommodations listed on the student’s LOA.
    • As a reminder, an LOA comes from the CAR office to your @lanecc.edu email. Any printed version that a student may bring you is not an official LOA.
  • Where do I get assistance in working with students?
    • Any CAR staff member is happy to answer your questions, or direct you to someone who can. You are always free to contact us via phone at (541) 463-5150, or by email at AccessibleResources@lanecc.edu.
  • How do I find a student’s primary Accommodation Specialist?
    • A student’s Accommodation Specialist is listed on their LOA. See this page to learn how to locate their contact information: updated link.

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