Faculty Information Webpage Index

Faculty Information Webpage Index

CAR Announcements and Newsletters Page

CAR 101 Page

  • CAR’s Process
  • Purpose of Accommodations and Course Integrity
  • Definition of “Disability”
  • Reasonable vs. Unreasonable Accommodations
  • CAR Responsibilities
  • Referring Students to CAR
  • Finding a Students Primary Accommodation Specialist

Laws and Regulations Page

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act/504
  • Confidentiality
  • Student Disclosure
  • Non-discrimination Policy
  • Emergency Procedures

Faculty Responsibilities Page

  • Grading Considerations
  • Disability Verification
  • Non-Negotiation of Accommodations
  • Working with CAR Students

The Letter of Accommodation Page

  • What is a Letter of Accommodation?
  • Student Responsibilities
  • Receiving the LOA
  • Video Tour and Example LOA
  • LOA Confidentiality
  • When Students ask for Accommodations not Listed on the LOA
  • Finding a Students Primary Accommodation Specialist
  • FAQ
  • Outside Resources
  • Related Pages

Student Accommodations Page

  • General Accommodation Information
  • Student Agreements

Testing Accommodations Page

    • Student Responsibilities
    • Testing through CAR, Video Walkthrough
    • Testing Agreements Video Walkthrough
    • Testing Security
    • Testing Accommodations in Moodle
    • Pop Quizzes
    • Contact Testing

Alternate Format Page

    • How and Where to Submit Course Materials
    • Guidelines and Timeline for Material Submission
    • Enlargements

In Class Readers/Aides/Scribes Page

    • In Class and Labs
    • Tips and Tricks for Working with Readers/Aides Scribes
    • Scheduling Outside Class Time
    • Personal Care Attendants

Interpreters Page

    • In-Class
    • Tips and Tricks for Working with Interpreters
    • Scheduling Outside Class Time

Assistive Technology Page (VRI, Typewell, ALD)

    • Video Remote Interpreting
    • Typewell
    • Assistive Listening Devices
    • Troubleshooting Technology

Alternative Furniture Page

    • Alternate Chairs
    • Standing Work Stations
    • Furniture Regulations

Audio Recording Page

    • Audio Recorder vs Smart Pen
    • Appropriate Uses for Audio Recording

Equipment and Accessible Technology Page

    • Lapel Mics
    • Captioning
    • Speech to Text and Text to Speech
    • Alternate Computer Hardware

Consideration for Modification of Attendance and Course Due Dates Page

    • Attendance
    • Course Due Dates

Service Animals Page

  • Introduction
  • *Service Animals and CAR
  • Service Animals Rules and Regulations

Universal Design Page

  • Introduction
  • What is UD?
  • Principals of UD
  • UD Instructional Methods

Making Courses/Materials Accessible Page

  • Introduction
  • Accessibility Statements
  • Tips for Creating Course Materials
  • Online Courses and Moodle
  • Instructor and Other Course Websites
  • Field Work and Field Trips

Working with Specific Disability Types Page

  • Introduction
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mobility
  • Autism and Asperger’s
  • Vision Loss
  • Hearing Loss

CAR Emails Page

  • Introduction
  • Troubleshooting Automated Emails
  • Email Confidentiality