Faculty Handbook Chapter 3 - CAR Process

Faculty Handbook Chapter 3: CAR Process

There are a few steps students must complete to be eligible for services through the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR). CAR collaborates with each student to tailor the process of receiving accommodations and identify which accommodations will be most useful in response to their needs. The following are the steps taken by students to utilize accommodations:

  1. Submit an application on the CAR application webpage
  2. Submit disability verification - Disability verification is used to match each student with the accommodations that will help them access their education. It is in no way meant to “prove” disability status, but simply to help determine the correct accommodations. PDF: Disability Verification Form
  3. Attend an online Moodle Orientation - This orientation will take about a half hour and go over general information about CAR and using accommodations. Learn more in our PDF: Moodle Orientation Tutorial
  4. Attend a student interview - During the student interview, the student and their CAR Accommodation Specialist will identify the academic accommodations the student is eligible for. The student will also learn about CAR procedures and complete a one-on-one orientation regarding any of the accessible technology accommodations they are eligible for.
  5. Request Accommodations - Each term, students need to request their accommodations online for each class. This includes requesting each test students wish to take in CARTesting facilities.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact CAR.