Faculty Handbook Chapter 23 - FAQ

Faculty Handbook Chapter 23: FAQ

General Accommodation Questions

Who is responsible for making course material accessible?

  • Faculty and CAR work closely together to ensure that course material is accessible to students. Universal Design offers some great strategies that can benefit all students, even those without accommodations.

Is it my job to negotiate student accommodations?

  • All negotiation and determination of student accommodations is facilitated by CAR. If students attempt to contact you regarding initial or additional accommodations, please direct them to CAR.

Do I have any flexibility as an instructor in providing accommodations to a student?

  • There are a few student accommodations that require faculty involvement. Please contact the student’s Accommodation Specialist if you have further questions regarding this.

Alternate Format

Am I, as the instructor, able to format digital materials for students?

  • Students who use digital text as an accommodation often get their materials formatted through our Alternate Format staff. This allows us to ensure that it is formatted correctly for screen readers. Faculty are welcome to send materials directly to students, if this is an arrangement that works best for both parties.

What happens if I find material the same day I want to use it in class? How is it formatted for the student?

  • Students with accommodations must receive materials in an accessible format at the same time as the rest of the class. This may mean that instructors need to find materials early. As stated above, it may be acceptable to send materials directly to the student. Please check with the student’s Accommodation Specialist regarding questions like these.

Alternate Furniture

What do I do if a student’s furniture is not in the classroom?

  • If a student reports to you that their furniture is not in the classroom, please direct them to contact CAR.

What do I do if furniture has been moved?

  • If a student reports to you that their furniture has been moved, please direct them to CAR.

What do I do if I find ADA furniture in my office?

  • If you find that you have ADA furniture in your office, please return it to the classroom or contact Facilities to have it removed.


I’ve never had a CAR student in one of my classes before. Who can I talk to for added guidance?

What do I do if a student does not receive accommodations through CAR, but they are asking for accommodations in my course?

  • If a student is asking you for accommodations, but you have not received an official Letter of Accommodation (LOA) via email from CAR, it is important that you direct them to our office. Any printed version of a student’s eligibility list is not an official letter from CAR and should not serve as means to warrant accommodations in class.

Where do I voice concerns, or provide feedback to CAR?

  • CAR welcomes feedback on policies and procedures for accommodations. You may call our front desk at x5150 or visit us in Building 19, Room 263A. You can also provide feedback via email at AccessibleResources@lanecc.edu. Lastly, our faculty survey is released annually to all faculty members to provide feedback and rate CAR's performance. The survey is anonymous, and all faculty are encouraged to participate.

What do I do if a student asks for accommodations that are not in their Letter of Accommodation?

  • When a student asks for additional accommodations that are not listed in the Letter of Accommodation (LOA), it is important to direct them to CAR. Please only provide the accommodations listed on the student’s LOA.
  • As a reminder, an LOA comes from the CAR office to your @lanecc.edu email. Any printed version that a student may bring you is not an official LOA.


Who am I permitted to share a student’s Letter of Accommodation with?

  • Any information on a student’s LOA should not be shared with anyone that is not on a “need to know” basis regarding the student. Any discussions regarding a student’s accommodations should be done in a private setting.

Consideration of Modified Attendance or Assignment Due Dates

What if Consideration of Modified Attendance/Assignment Due Dates accommodations alter the learning outcomes of my course?

  • There can be a point in which disability-related absences cannot be reasonably accommodated. This will be the case if it is determined that assignment deadlines can be justified as an integral part of how the course is taught, the assignment, and/or how learning is to be demonstrated and measured. If this is the case, conversations will take place between the student, the instructor, and the student’s CAR Accommodation Specialist so that the student can then make an informed decision regarding the alternatives. If you feel this is the case with your course, please contact CAR.

Who do I talk to if I need more guidance filling out the Modified Attendance/Assignment Due Dates agreement?

  • If faculty feel they need more information about a student or guidance in filling out the agreement, they should contact CAR.

Service Animals

What liberties do I have as an instructor when it comes to service animals in my classroom?

  • Service animals are permitted to be in classrooms, as long as they are adhering to the rules and regulations. If you have questions or concerns about a service animal, please contact CAR.

Service Providers

What type of communication am I allowed to have with the reader/aide/scribe/interpreter?

  • All communication during and outside of class should happen with the student directly. The reader/scribe/aide/interpreter is only there to perform specific duties. If you have questions for CAR, please contact the office directly.

Do I schedule outside of class appointments with the reader/aide/scribe?

  • Sometimes, a student will need to meet with their instructor outside of scheduled class time. If a readers/scribe/aide/interpreter is needed for these meetings, please direct the student to contact their Accommodation Specialist.


What do I do if a student wants to record a private conversation?

  • Students may record any lecture or lab material that may be included on an exam. However, faculty members have the option of establishing some reasonable limits related to recording lectures in order to protect students’ privacy. It may not be appropriate to record when personal information is being shared by classmates.

Can a student have myself or someone else audio record the lecture for them if they are absent?

  • Students are only permitted to audio record when they are physically present in the classroom. They should not have their friends or instructors audio record the lecture for them. See the audio recording student agreement for more information.

How do I find videos for my lecture that are already captioned?

  • Many videos used for class content are already captioned. For example, all Ted Talks come equipped with captions as well as written transcripts. Faculty may need to search or get assistance with captioning.

What do I do if a student’s technology is not working?

  • If students or faculty experience problems related to a student’s in-class technology, they are encouraged to contact CAR at 541-463-5150 or email at AccessibleResources@lanecc.edu
  • We will make every reasonable effort to assist the student in troubleshooting their technology before the class ends or before the start of the next class.

What do I do if my class does not work well with the VRI?

  • If you have any concerns with a student’s technology in your class, please contact CAR.

Where can I find other help in troubleshooting email issues?

  • The HelpDesk can assist faculty in troubleshooting email issues if the guide above does not help. They can be reached at x4444.

Why was a student’s Letter of Accommodation (LOA) not sent to my personal email address?

  • Due to FERPA, CAR is only permitted to send information pertaining to LCC students to @lanecc.edu email accounts. This includes Letters of Accommodation. If you are concerned that you may not be receiving CAR emails to your LCC email address refer to the steps detailed in this manual under the section titled “Troubleshooting Automated Emails.”


Where do I go to fill out or edit an Alternative Testing Agreement?

  • When a student requests a test to be taken in CAR’s Testing Center, an email is sent to your @lanecc.edu email address with a link to where you can fill out the Alternative Testing Agreement. If you need to make changes to your testing agreement or you need help filling it out, call CAR Testing at 451-463-5280 or email cartesting@lanecc.edu.

A student with testing accommodations never contacted me about arranging their tests. How should I proceed?

  • CAR requires students to meet with their faculty regarding testing arrangements. You as the faculty may facilitate this conversation if you feel comfortable or wait for the student to come to you.

What is the process for students with testing accommodations that miss or need to make up a test?

  • As the faculty, you determine the guidelines surrounding missed and makeup exams. It is important that students with accommodations also adhere to these guidelines.

How do I add extra time or unlimited time for Moodle tests in the Alternative Testing Agreement?

  • When the testing time is unlimited, please enter 400 minutes.

Screenshot of testing form

  • Then add "Unlimited exam time" in the additional note field so CAR Testing staff will know.

Picture example of moodle test

I don’t know exactly when my tests will be this term. I tried skipping question 8 but it won’t let me submit the ATA. What do I do? 

  • Please enter TBD in the text box. Do not leave the box blank.

Picture example of moodle test form

How do I upload a test file in AIM?

  • CAR will send your lane email address an email with following subject line:

[CAR] Center for Accessible Resources Test Request Notice: Test Reminder for MTH 105.001 (CRN: 10157).

  • Once you open the email, you will see the link to upload the exam highlighted in blue. If you cannot upload the exam using the link, please feel free to send the exam file as an email attachment to CARtesting@lanecc.edu.

How do I set up a Moodle exam?

  • ATC (Academic Technology Center) will be able to support any questions about setting up a Moodle exam. They can be contacted by phone at 541-463-3377 or by email at atc@lanecc.edu.