Faculty Handbook Chapter 20 - Emergency Procedures

Faculty Handbook Chapter 20: Emergency Procedures

Emergency Evacuations:

In cases of emergency evacuations, faculty members should be aware of options for students and staff with mobility difficulties. There is an “Area of Rescue” in Building 16, Room 229. Emergency evacuation devices (Evacu-Tracs) are located in the Center Building on the fourth and in the basement, in Building 30, and at the Mary Spilde Center (formerly the Downtown Campus). Learn more on our evacuation webpage.

Seizure Protocol:

Faculty and staff may wonder what their role is when students or other staff/faculty have an observable seizure. Below are the steps that faculty should take:

  • Call Public Safety at x5555 First
  • Be specific about location and ask someone to stand at the entrance where responders are likely to come in the building.
  • Ensure that the student’s space is clear of any furniture or other items that may cause the person harm during the seizure (i.e. backpacks).
  • Keep person from falling if possible and guide the person to the floor.
  • Try to position the person on their side so any fluid can drain from the mouth.
  • Do not put anything in the person’s mouth.
  • Do not hold or restrain the person in any way.
  • If possible, clear the room to ensure safety of other individuals.

Public safety will determine if an ambulance needs to be called or other steps need to be taken. Do not cancel the emergency call, allow Public Safety to evaluate the situation on arrival. Visit LCC’s COPPS emergency plan webpage for more information on medical emergencies.

If a student discloses to you that they have a seizure disorder, please refer them to CAR.