Faculty Handbook Chapter 2 - What is CAR

Faculty Handbook Chapter 2: What is CAR?

The Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) coordinates support services and promotes disability awareness in the college community. CAR works with students and faculty to determine appropriate academic adjustments and services for students with qualified, documented disabilities. CAR is dedicated to working with faculty and assisting students with disabilities so students can meet academic requirements and goals.

CAR’s Mission Statement: 

The Center for Accessible Resources’ (CAR) mission is to provide equal access and reasonable accommodations that allow students to be active participants in the LCC community. CAR strives to promote student independence and resilience, and to foster and aide students in improving their self-advocacy skills. CAR partners with the LCC campus community to provide education, resources, and support through increasing awareness of accommodations, and promoting universal design and inclusive environments.

CAR recognizes disability as a key element of diversity and intersectional identity. As such, CAR is informed by the social construction and social justice models of disability. The philosophy of CAR can be summarized well by viewing the following video: