Faculty Handbook Chapter 12 - What is an LOA

Faculty Handbook Chapter 12: What is an LOA?

The Letter of Accommodation (LOA) is confirmation for faculty members that the student has completed the qualification/registration process with the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR). LOAs are sent out electronically every term by CAR and state the student is qualified to receive the specific accommodations identified in the student's letter.

LOAs are the official record of what accommodations the student may use. Please use the LOA assigned to the class CRN only. If a student has the same faculty member for multiple courses, the faculty member must use the LOA assigned to each specific course.

Do not use old or paper copies of a student’s LOA because accommodations may vary for different terms and classes.

If you have questions regarding a student’s LOA, please contact CAR at 541-463-5150 or AccessibleResources@lanecc.edu. 

Receiving the LOA

LOAs will be sent via email. Due to FERPA and confidentiality concerns, LOAs and all CAR communications will be sent to faculty using their @lanecc.edu email only. If you are concerned you are not getting emails from CAR, please see the section titled “Troubleshoot Automated Emails” or visit our troubleshooting guide webpage.

LOA Confidentiality

Accommodations on an LOA are not retroactive and become effective on the date specified on the LOA. When working with the student regarding their accommodations please keep in mind the following:

  • Please do not share the information provided in the LOA with anyone that is not on a “need to know” basis regarding the student and/or their accommodations. (See Chapter 9 – Confidentiality for what constitutes “need to know.”)
  • Conversations with a student about their accommodations should be done in a private setting, not among other students or colleagues. These conversations should only address a student’s accommodations listed on the LOA, not their disability or eligibility.
  • Please only provide or allow the accommodations listed in the LOA.
  • If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact the student’s primary Accommodation Specialist listed on the LOA. Contact information for Accommodation Specialists can be found on the CAR contact page.

Example of a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) Email

Below is an image of the Letter of Accommodation showing these six items:

1.   The subject line will begin with “[CAR] Accommodation Notification” and will include the L# of the student who is receiving accommodations.

a.   Watch for this in your @lanecc.edu inbox!

b.   Think you’re not receiving emails from CAR? Visit our troubleshooting guide.

c.   All CAR communications are sent ONLY to your @lanecc.edu address due to confidentiality and FERPA. For more information, visit the FERPA website.

2.   This section identifies the student’s name and L#.

3.   The next part of the message lists the term and course information.

4.   The accommodations the student is eligible for and has requested for this specific course and term are listed.

a.   If a student requests any additional accommodations, please contact CAR.

5.   If the student will be using testing accommodations, and faculty wants to provide this accommodation, please complete this part of the LOA.

screen shot of LOA email with numbered sections. All information included in main text.



Finding a Student’s Primary Accommodation Specialist

Students who work with CAR are assigned an Accommodation Specialist that manages their accommodations. If you have questions or concerns about a student or their accommodations, you should contact their Accommodation Specialist. Here is where to locate their contact information on the Letter of Accommodation: 

screen shot of LOA email detailing where to find the student's primary advisor. All information included in main text.

When Students Ask for Accommodations not listed on the LOA

When a student asks for additional accommodations that are not listed in the Letter of Accommodation (LOA), it is important to direct them to CAR. Please only provide the accommodations listed on the student’s LOA.

As a reminder, an LOA comes from the CAR office to your @lanecc.edu email. Any printed version that a student may bring you is not an official LOA.