Alternate Format

Alternate Format

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The Center for Accessible Resources provides textbooks, class materials and tests in various alternate formats including electronic text, enlargements, Braille and audio that can be played on a computer. We can send you reformatted course materials electronically or copy them to your flash drive. Alternate Format staff will work with you to identify other solutions if necessary.

For each production request received, the book binding will be sliced off and the pages scanned. The book will be rebound with a spiral binding and returned to you. This process typically takes 5 to 15 business days to complete. We recommend that you request accommodations and bring in the books you would like re-formatted before the beginning of the term so that you have your original book and the alternate format available when classes begin.

Alternate Format materials are checked out for the term, although it is possible to keep them for an additional term if requested. It is your responsibility to return them, in good condition, at the end of each term.

How to Request Alternate Formats Your First Term

The first time you request Alternate Format accommodations after qualifying for services (see How to Get Started), an Alternate Format staff member will contact you to explain our process and our mutual responsibilities. Please complete and submit the following forms in preparation for the conversation:

How to Request Alternate Formats Each Term

  • Register for classes as soon as possible.
  • Request your accommodations at the Center for Accessible Resources office.
  • Get a syllabus from the instructor, if requesting Braille.
  • Complete the accommodation and production request processes in AIM.

How to Help Yourself

  • If you need materials reformatted immediately, you can scan and reformat them yourself in the Lane Library, Academic Learning Skills Center or TRiO. We would be happy to have the book bindings removed for you if that would be helpful. This typically takes about 24 hours. Check with our office for additional information and help if needed.
  • Self-Help Resources — Information on computer labs, tutoring, library services and technical support.
  • Assistive Technology — An explanation of Assistive Technology, including computer software, hardware and non-computer-related devices available through Center for Accessible Resources.

How to Contact Alternate Format Staff

Photo Note: The picture above is a rune stone. One of the many uses of these ancient stones was to advertise the achievements or positive traits of a Norse person. On this page it represents an alternate form of media. For more information, see Wikipedia.