AIM Portal

AIM Portal - Current Students

The AIM portal is the online system where students...

  • Submit their CAR application.
  • Review accommodations student is eligible for.
  • Request appropriate accommodations each term.

Students will obtain a username and password for the AIM portal after the student interview. If students have problems accessing their information on AIM, contact CAR from the CAR Contact Page.

AIM Portal

AIM Orientation

A Video Guide to the AIM Database for CAR Students

Intro: An Overview

PDF: Step-by-step instructions on using the AIM Database

AIM Database instruction video:

If part of your equipment involves smartpens, learn how to use them at our Accessible Technology Workshop! Find more information about workshops on our announcements page.

Requesting Accommodations:

Learn how to request accommodations for your classes through the AIM Database.

Learn more and find pdf versions of instructions on our requesting accommodations page!

Alternate Format:

Learn how to request Alternate Formats for your class materials and know your responsibilities:

Learn more and find pdf versions of these videos on our Alternate Format Page and Student Agreements Page!

Testing Accommodations:

Learn how to request Testing Accommodations and know your responsibilities!

Learn more and find pdf versions of instructions on our Testing Accommodations Page and Student Agreement Page!


Don't forget! The Center for Accessible Resources website is where you can find the AIM portal and all the information and instructional videos you need to have a successful, accessible education experience here at Lane.

You are always welcome to call our office at (541) 463-5150 or visit us in Building 19, Room 265 if you need help or have questions.