Curriculum Review and Catalog Copy Revisions

Annual Curriculum Review

Plan ahead and be sure to include these important dates in your department calendars! Note that your department may have internal review processes and deadlines. Please work with your department to determine internal curriculum review deadlines and roles and responsibilities with regard to course and program revisions.

Curriculum Review Timeline

Deadlines Action Items Responsibility Resources

October 2, 2018

October 30, 2018

November 20, 2018

January 10, 2019

Submit curriculum proposals for items that need Curriculum Committee review and college approval.

11/20 is final Curriculum Committee deadline for NEW AAS degree programs and certificates over 45 credits

1/10 is final Curriculum Committee deadline for 2019-20 catalog

Academic departments

Curriculum Committee info

Curriculum Forms

Course approval process

March 1, 2019

Final deadline for:

  • Revisions/suspensions to AAS and certificate programs in the Program Update Portal (PUP)
  • Revisions to course descriptions and prerequisites in Course Editor
  • Revisions to course outcomes/objectives in Banner
  • Gainful Employment in PUP (IRAP)
Academic departments, IRAP

Program Update Portal (PUP)

Course Editor

How to Use Course Editor (updated images/info coming soon)

Course description/prereq review

What needs to go through the college curriculum approval process?


  • New courses (including career-technical, transfer, developmental). “New” means:
    • Brand new courses
    • Courses that have not been offered in three years and have been inactivated
    • Experimental 199/299 courses that need a permanent number/title
  • Experimental 199/299 courses (may run twice in a two-year period)
  • Revised course titles
  • New course prefixes
  • Change in credits or contact hours
  • Applications for AAOT discipline designations, Cultural Literacy, and Health/Wellness/Fitness
  • Applications for Human Relations (for certificates and AAS degrees)

What does not need to go through the college curriculum approval process?

Your department may have an internal curriculum review and approval process. Please work with your department on any internal review procedures. 


  • Revised course descriptions
  • Revised learning outcomes/objectives
  • Revisions to pre-requisites


Most career-technical program revisions do not require college-level approval, with the exception of program title changes and revisions constituting more than 30% of the approved program (see below).

State approval

New courses and programs, along with revisions to courses and programs, are reported to the state Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development for annual review. “As a general rule, annual changes should constitute no more than 10% of the approved program. If changes exceed 30% of the approved program, a new program application is required” (CCWD Community Colleges Handbook and Planning Guide).

  • Example 30% change: Credits in a certificate increase or decrease by 30%.

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