Curriculum Review and Catalog Copy Revisions

Annual Curriculum Review

Plan ahead and be sure to include these important dates in your division calendars!

If you are planning major updates, such as revising more than two courses or adding new courses and programs, contact the Curriculum Office as soon as possible for help planning.

1/16/18 Final Curriculum Committee deadline for 2018/19 catalog: for any courses/programs that need to come through the official curriculum process

 3/9/18 Final curriculum review deadline for 2018/19 catalog: course descriptions and learning outcomes review and editing; Program Update Portal. Use these tools to review and update course descriptions/outcomes and programs/certificates:

What do you plan to revise, add, or suspend?

  • New programs
  • Revised programs: Every Career Technical program must be reviewed and updated each year by program faculty using the Program Update Portal (PUP)
  • New courses
  • Course revisions, e.g. change in description or learing outcomes, credit or contact hours, title or course number changes, pre-requisites or co-requisites
  • Apply for AAOT discipline studies status (Arts & Letters, Information Literacy, Math, Sci/Comp Sci, Social Sci, Speech/Oral Comm)
  • Apply for Human Relations status for lower-division collegiate (transfer) or career-technical courses
  • Apply for Cultural Literacy or Health/Wellness/Fitness status
  • Suspending courses? please contact the Curriculum Office
  • Suspending programs/certificates? Please see the suspension letter template and information on the curriculum forms page.

What needs to go through the Curriculum Committee and college approval process?

Be sure to always use the most current curriculum forms.

  • New programs and certificates (can take up to a year to develop new programs and gain college and state approval)
  • Course title, prefix, number changes
  • Credits or contact hour changes
  • Courses with multiple changes that constitute major revision to the course curriculum
  • New courses (including 199/299 courses to be converted to permanent status)
  • Experimental 199/299 courses
  • AAOT discipline studies applications; Human Relations applications; Sustainability
  • Note: Cultural Literacy and Health/Wellness/Fitness applications are approved by subcommittees

Need help? Contact the Curriculum Office