Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee

Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee (CDRC)

Mission: To review all credit curriculum proposals for approval; advise the Office of Instruction about other curricular matters. Reports to: Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

Facilitator: Office of Curriculum and Scheduling 

Membership: Rotating faculty membership, appointed by the Academic and Student Affairs to represent stakeholders in the curriculum development process. Represented groups include faculty from transfer programs, including mathematics and English, professional/technical programs, counseling, the library, student records, and instructional managers. 

When Members Are Selected: Fall term each year 

Length of Membership: Three years 

Roles/Duties of Committee Members: Read and critically review all curriculum proposals; advise faculty on their proposals; participate in committee decisions, approve or reject curricula, and serve on subcommittees for special projects, such as the review courses for duplication. 

Membership List:

Name Department Extension
Thomas Blickle Health Professions 5756
Jeff Borrowdale Social Science 5434
Melanie Brown Curriculum and Scheduling (IRAP) 5362
Dawn DeWolf Office of Academic and Student Affairs 5315
Jennifer Ferro Library 5825
Jennifer Frei Executive Dean for the School of Arts and Sciences 5306
Neal Gallagher Flight Technology
Jeff Harrison Language, Literature and Communication 5145
Deidre Lyons Counseling and Advising 3244
Gerry Meenaghan Co-operative Education 5883
Rosa Lopez ABSE-MC 4726
Phil Moore Mathematics 5793
Brian Nichols Science 5470
Casandra Rhay Financial Aid 5641
Tammy Salman Coordinator of Student Learning Assessment and Curriculum Development (IRAP) 5580
Gayle Smith Mathematics 5398
Craig Taylor Director of IRAP 5364
Paul Wilkins Computer Information Technology 5826

Meeting Times:  3:15-4:45 p.m. on  Tuesdays. For a list of meeting dates please go to Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee(CDRC)