Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee Agendas, Minutes

New lower-division collegiate and new developmental education courses can be offered once they are approved by the state CCWD but might not be listed in the catalog if they are approved after the catalog deadline.

Academic Year 2018-19 Agendas/Minutes

May 21 Agenda | May 21 Minutes

April 23 Agenda | April 23 Minutes

February 5 Agenda | February 5 Minutes

January 29 Agenda | January 29 Minutes

December 4 Agenda | December 4 Minutes

November 13 Agenda | November 13 Minutes

October 16 Agenda | October 16 Minutes

Curriculum changes for 2019-20

This is a running list of curriculum approvals, course inactivations, and program suspensions.

List of Curriculum changes for 2019-20

List of Curriculum changes for 2020-21

Archived Curriculum Information

This includes Curriculum Committee minutes and agendas, along with curriculum changes. Archive for Curriculum Information