Program Approval Process

Program Approval Process

Start: Faculty / dean / coordinator initiates idea for new program

Step 2: Contact Curriculum Office to discuss goals, process, and documentation

Step 3: Program developer works with dean and internal/external stakeholders to complete Research and Evidence worksheet, justifying need for program

Step 4: Program developer completes Program Proposal Application

Step 5: Documents submitted for Curriculum Committee review via online submission form

Step 6: Initiator of course proposal (or dean) attends Curriculum Committee meeting, answers questions

Step 7: Reviewed by Curriculum Committee -- Committee will discuss proposals and make recommendations about revisions and whether to move proposal to the next step in the process

Step 8: Reviewed by Academic and Student Affairs Office (ASA) -- ASA reviews and determines whether to approve the program

Then either:

  • Not approved by ASA - ASA's office works with the department faculty and dean to on next steps and/or revisions

  • Approved by ASA - ASA's office sends to Curriculum Office to enter into college systems and submit to state for approval

Step 9: Goes to Lane Board of Education | Higher Education Coordinating Commission -- Lane Board of Education reviews/approves program. Curriculum Office submits the program for state approval.