October 16, 2018 Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee Agenda

October 16, 2018 Curriculum and Degree Requirements Committee Agenda

Time and Location

3:15-4:45 p.m. in CEN 217

Committee Members:

  • Jeff Borrowdale-Faculty, Social Science
  • Melanie Brown-Curriculum Specialist
  • Jennifer Ferro -Library
  • Jeff Harrison-Faculty, Language, Literature and Communication
  • Elijah Herr, Director, Financial Aid
  • Laura Lawver-Lead Scribe, Degree and Transcript Evaluator
  • Julie Lindsey-Faculty, Business/Computer Information Technology
  • Deidre Lyons-Academic Advisor
  • Gerry Meenaghan-Faculty, Co-operative Education
  • Rosa Lopez-Faculty, Career Pathways Coordinator
  • Steve McQuiddy-Faculty, Academic Learning Skills
  • Phil Moore (Chair)- Faculty, Mathematics
  • Caoimhin O'Fearghail-Faculty, Social Science
  • Claudia Owen-Faculty, Science
  • Tammy Salman-Faculty, Curriculum and Assessment
  • Craig Taylor- Director, Institutional Research
  • Paula Thonney-Faculty, Math
  • Vicki Trier-Associate Vice President
  • Dawn Whiting-Registrar
  • Paul Wilkins-Faculty, Computer Information Technology



3:15 Michael Samano to discuss the Cultural Literacy equirement sub-committee: history, purpose, approval process, and membership.

Department Curriculum Documents Type of Proposal Notes

3:30 Culinary Arts

Wendy Milbrat

CA 176 Concepts of Flavor

checklist and course application

Course title change

3:35 Computer and Information Technology

Joseph Colton

CS 189 Routing and Switching Essentials

checklist and course application

New course

CS 279 Scaling Networks

checklist and course application

Revision to course title, description and outcomes.

CS285 Cybersecurity Operations

checklist and course application

Revision to course title, prerequisite, co-requisite, course description and outcomes

CS289 Connecting Networks

checklist and program application

Revision to course title, course description and outcomes

3:45 Curriculum Office/Business

Tammy Salman, Chris Culver

Associate of Science Oregon Transfer-Business (see current pp. 34-35 of catalog) See proposed revisions in PDF document. Highlights indicate proposed deletions; underline indicates proposed additions.


The ASOT-Business degree does not require Health/Wellness/Fitness. Should not have been included.

The Business-Specific Requirements must equal 20 credits as per state guidelines. Some courses on elective list not offered anymore; streamlines choices for students. Business faculty recommended update to course list.

Added notes to the University-Specific Requirements to specify requirements related to OSU transfer.

Revised language under Electives section to better indicate requirements and limitations.

Other Committee Business

  • 3:50 Program Development process, documents developed and added to Curriculum website. Program flowchart added. Open the Forms page and scroll down to "Program Approval Process and Forms"
    • Program Development Guidance and Process
    • Program Research/Evidence worksheet (required)
    • Program Proposal Application (required)
    • Labor Market Information (required for AAS and independent Certificates of Completion)
  • 4:00 Susie Cousar to discuss the Health/Wellness/Fitness requirement sub-committee: history, state guidelines, purpose, approval process, and membership.